How do our Ancestors know what plant to use to provide cure to certain ailments?

How are you fellow Habi? It’s been a while since i made a post here. Well we are expecting new graduate this coming february as two batches will complete the training program on Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Since there are already many graduates who are well versed in communicating with ancestral and divine spirits through tawas, we are planning to open up new training program this year which is the Albularyo Healing Course which will focus on Plant Medicine Spirit.

These week, i have made a vlog at Luntiang Aghama YouTube channel as i reading comments from my viewers, there is one comment that i want to share it here about plant medicine. And the topic would answer the question of:

How our ancestors know which plant to use to provide cure in certain illness?

The video is in Tagalog as i goal out to reach Filipino Audience and encourage them to Learn also the Indigenous Spirituality of our Home Land.

In this video we have mentioned that the Engkanto or the Elemental Spirits were the first creatures being created by the Divine. Through the Engkanto, they become the Ingredients on how we are been created as Human being.

In Hilot the essence of the Engkanto which are the Earth, Air, Fire and Water becomes our being and the Spirit is the one who give us life.

As the Engkanto are the first creation, they become our Elder which in other terms are babaylan. But before mankind was created, the plants were elder to us Human Animals. As the plants becomes food to animal so as to human beings.

Our ancestors use plant not only for food and medicine but also use it for shelter and even clothing. Like us as Human beings, plants are also composed of the Elements.

And the elements within plants can be learned through Hilot sa Halaman. I know i have this book available through our Subscription Page which is at Filipino Magick


Our Body Speaks

It is not only through our mouth that people could speak, but as we learn how to read pulse we understand that even our Internal Organs are communicating to us. Indeed that monitoring our Pulse can help us determine the status of our Health. But understanding the characteristics of each pulse will help us know what is going on inside us as well as through its behaviour we can be able to project what is going to happen in the Future.

In this short video clip we have discuss about what the Pericardium or Heart Constrictor tells about our personality as each of our Internal Organs if we learn to communiate with them, they have a lot of stories to tell us. This is one of the skills that we share to our students when you enroll to our Non Contact Hilot Training Program.

Since we are all in Pandemic and most countries in the world limit people from Traveling, this course is ideal to take at the comfort of your home.

Get to know more about our Hilot Online Training program by clicking on the Picture link below .

The Future of Hilot

The generation before us have left a bad image to the reputation of Hilot in our country as an abortionist. Though prior to them the practice of Hilot has given a highest regards of honor as it is a Holistic Healthcare system prior to the coming of modern doctors through the colonization. In our present Generation, the practice of Hilot is struggling with Massage Profession as people now-a-days see hilot as a form of Massage. But through Hilot Academy we are changing that image by promoting the original sense of Hilot as a complete Healthcare delivery system.

In our Hilot Online Training through the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Course, we have enumerated the skills of a Manghihilot in providing healthcare from cradle to grave. But in this present generations that we are right now, if we do not work to promote Hilot in our Society, what would you think that the people living in the future will know about Hilot?

Justice for Domingo Choc

I woke up this morning and as i picked up my phone i see this disturbing message i received from one of our fellow that live and practice Hilot in Italy.

I do not understand what the article have said as it was written in a foreign language but on the translation it says clearly that:

Abuelo Domingo Choc who is tortured for ten hours and burned alive in Guatemala in San Luis Peten on charges of witchcraft…

This is quite alarming as this kind of persecution exist. But i continue to learn more about who is this Abuelo Domingo Choc. As i run my fingers to the search engine on Facebook i saw Video posted on how this poor man being burned alive as witnessed by many people in an open field. As i continue my search, i found an article in which is a Tabloid Newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland that is published on June 9, 2020 detailing the event of Mob Burning to Abuelo Domingo.

According to the Article, Abuelo Domingo Choc is a 56 years old Medicine Specialist and a Traditional Healer working as collaborator at University College London on a Pharmaceutical project that focus on traditional plant based medicine. According to the article, Domingo Choc Che was accused of Witchcraft by the angry mob when one of their member died after the medicine provided by choc failed to work.

Abuelo Domingo is a Treasure to the world as he keep to preserve and recover the Natural Ancestral Mayan Medicine.

As a fellow revivalist and Ancestral Medicine Worker and Traditional Healer, our only Goal is to preserve this Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom of our Ancestors in preserving the life of Humanity through the potency of our Plant Medicine. As a Healer we have sworn an oath to Harm None and we never intend to put any poor soul to death. We are only a channel or a bridge, we only find ways how to extend the life of a dying soul through the medicine that nature has provide. We do not claim success all the time on the treatment method that we do. It is the same thing that modern physicians do.

Like Tata Choc, we wish to integrate with the Modern Medical Practitioner in helping our people to find cure in this Global Spread of Pandemic that is happening to us right now. And the killing to one of our Kind such as Tata Domingo Choc is a great loss to all Humanity.

As a Fellow Traditional Medicine Practitioner, I Cry for Justice to be served to Domingo Choc Che. I Pray that those people who do this brutal murder of our fellow be enlightened as tata domingo work on the other world to cleanse their soul from malice and unbelief. May the God of our Ancestors who is the First Medicine Man of our World give grace to everyone of us.

Suob Treatment becomes trending in Cebu City

From the start of this Pandemic of Covid 19, all medical and even the para medical community are working as one in finding cure to stop the spread of covid 19 all over the world. And different countries have their own local version of preventive medicine so that they will not catch the infection of Covid 19. Here in the Philippines as early as March 2020, there is a local Filipino Traditional Medicine that becomes trending on Social Media that been practiced by Filipino to counter act and protect them from the effect of Covid 19 and that is Suob.

Last week I receive a call from the production research team of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho which is a TV show of GMA 7 asking me some information about the effectiveness of Suob. And the video that you will see below is the full segment that talks about the topic we are sharing now.

Though at the beginning of this video we can see a tragedy has been presented in performing suob as an infant has been accidentally burned by a boiling water in doing suob. Before we discuss here the efficacy and benefits of Suob as a Traditional Filipino Healing modality, i want to give you a heads up in practicing safety as well.

In this traditional method of affecting cure, we are invoking the element of fire to produce heat in our body. So like in how we treat fire, we should handle this element with care as it might burn us and be injured. When we work with Fire, we should observe safety distance to it as it may give benefit to us or the worst is that it can injure us. Fire produces light as well as heat. It can directly affect our sense of sight as well as our sense of touch. When it affect our sense of sight, it provides us light to see the colors and beauty of the world; and as it affect the sense of touch, we can feel its temperature and will give us also a clear sense of identifying what is rough, smooth, soft and hard as it can activates our nerve endings to determine those things.

In performing our Traditional Suob, i have to remind everyone that we have two types. The first one is the Dry Suob and the other one is the Wet Suob. These two types of Suob has its own prescription to it self. This mean that both type of suob has different healing effect depending on the illness that you have. This matter has been discussed when you take our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Course here at Hilot Academy.

So in doing suob, the safe distance that need to observe between the skin and the fire should be 1 meter or 3 feet away. Of course when i say Fire i don’t meant it to be a burning flame. What i only mean is just an ember flame such as putting a charcoal in fire but it is not flaming.

On using wood ember to create a fume or vapor, we put fresh pounded healing herbs on it. Putting dry leaves on the ember will create big fire as it fuels and this will be dangerous as it will burn you. The purpose of our Suob Palina is to employ the fume or vapor to do their job in healing and the burning coal and fire is only an agent so that we may extract the healing properties of herbs that we need in healing. It is not also advised to place on fire medicinal oil such as the one commercially produced as it use Mineral Oil which is highly flammable or even herbal healing oil that is made with natural organic nutritive oil. On stone ember, you sprinkle it with herbal infused water or tea to create vapor. Remember in doing this you have to observe 3 feet distance to the fire as it may burn you. The only thing that you need in this treatment is the vapor or fume and not the fire it self.

This is the same when you apply Wet suob. You boil water with incorporating healing herbs. Turn off the fire and place the cauldron of boiled herbs under the chair and sit down cover your self with a blanket as the vapor rise to your body and make you sweat. In doing steam inhalation, you place the basin of boiled healing herbs on a table, open an umbrella and place a blanket over it so that you may inhale safely the vapor. With this i will make a video on how to do this steam inhalation suob for proper guidance of the Public.

Going Online Class

Yesterday we start to migrate our training materials to our Online Platform which is the Google Classroom. This training requires the student to have either laptop, desktop, Ipod/Tablet or smart phone. It is advised that your device must have a built in Camera and Microphone. Or When using Laptop or Desktop, we will ask you to secure a Camera so you can you can upload your work to our Classroom. When you use Tablet or Smart Phone, you will be asked to download a web browser either Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox or Microsoft Edge. As a teacher, I am using Laptop and Android Phone that has a Google Chrome Browser. Aside from this if you are using mobile phone, we ask you to also download the following Apps:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Drive
  • Google Meet

And the activities we could do within the classroom are the following:

  • Read the uploaded Learning Material using Google Document. (Since you have downloaded the Google Drive you can access the Reading Materials to it posted inside the Google Classroom.)
  • Watch the Video Presentation/ Lecture (as you watch, you are asked to take down notes on the subject presented and ask it out during the Video Call Conferencing through Google Meet.)
  • Video Call Conferencing using Google Meet ( this will be real time conversation/ discussion of the things you have noted during the Video Presentation that you have watched through Google Drive/ Youtube.)
  • Answer the Self Assessment/ Evaluation Quiz through Google Form posted in Google Classroom. (With this we could assess and evaluate your learning process)
  • Filming or video recording ( The student will be asked to video record to capture the process on how they will perform the activity task. This will be a form of grading or evaluating your learning capacity as we present the skills through Video Demonstration. In our Live and In person Learning Session we call that as Return Demonstration.)

As its System Administrator and Training Director for this Online Training, it make me feel excited in doing this as it makes us to explore many potential possibilities on how we can promote our Traditional Healing Methodologies using Modern Technology. Indeed, we become the Doorway of Time as we use this modern method in teaching the the old ways of healing arts and sciences.

With these, i want to share to everyone a 6 minutes video that is part of our 60 minutes video lecture presentation on the Non Contact Hilot Healing Modality which is the Mind and Spirit Working.

If you find this post interesting and want to learn more, consider enrolling to our Hilot Online Training. Click here so that we could help you process your enrollment.

Family Medicine

I ask our graduates how do they encounter Hilot in their life. And here is how Gerone (who is a Yoga Teacher in France that was born and raised in Davao) experience Hilot.

From hearing Gerone’s story, we realize that indeed Hilot is an act of showing our love to our Family members first. It was our lolo, lola, Auntie, Uncle, Nanay or Tatay who give hilot to us when we are sick. The act of Healing comes first to the Family and this makes hilot to be our first Family Medicine.


New Day means new life

Everyday is a New day that we should be grateful for. Each day brings forth New Life, New Strength, New Hope that will lead us to our own personal happiness in achieving Peace. But each new day that comes in to our life changes us.  It change our Physical Appearance, our Emotional and Mental Maturity and even our Social Standing. These are what the new day is bringing into us everyday. These changes bring us either good things or bad depending on  how we welcome life as it comes to us. These changes that comes to us every day is called Aging  or the process of becoming older. Getting old may bring advantages or disadvantages into a certain individual and again these effect of getting old depends upon the behavior and attitude of the person receiving it. Here is a short film that may explain why our body do age.

From this video we learn that our body is programmed to fade out and die. But it takes time to happen depending on how we treat our body.  Since our Body is the vessel of our life which we enjoy to live, it’s life span depend on the way how we use our body. Like the materials things we bought in the market such as a Smart Phone, each day of use will make its appearance look old. So we practice safety measures to prevent damage on our smart phone as well as adopt a caring behavior so that we may prolong the lifespan of our possession.

Our Physical Body is a temporal possession where life dwells. Life can be eternal if we can possess a body that is also eternal and that is a body that does not fade out and die. Since our body is designed to fade away and die, while we are in this body we should enjoy life and possess a caring attitude that will protect our body from possible damage and harm. We must be mindful always of what we put inside our body and that is from Eating, Drinking and even on Breathing. As we always thought our students in the Academy that whatever comes in to our mouth may benefit of harm the person, and what ever comes out from our mouth may benefit or harm other people soul.

As an individual we are responsible to our own health and life. And to what ever action we do as we live our life might also affect other life as well. Whenever we speak out we utter words that could be heard by other people. And these words you spoken out will be heard by others. And the words you spoke out might give positive or negative results depending on the content of the ideas you express on your words. It is the same thing with the actions you do. It may leave an imprint to the place that will be received to have a positive or negative impact on other people lives.

In Hilot we perform actions such as pagpapahid that will help our patient to strengthen their own healing abilities. We say words of affirmation and empowerment that our patients may use in order for them to attain their personal goals. We introduce to our patients the power of Healing Herbs that can be found in their own backyard or neighborhood so that they could attain their own liberation and freedom. Hilot is not just about Physical Healing and Massage, but it is also an Emotional and Mental reformation so that we could appreciate life and to live more positively and in Harmony with one another in Peace.


What kind of oil do we use?

This is an experiment showing the difference between nutritive oil vs. mineral oil that is usually used in Spa and Massage Clinics.

In Hilot Wellness Massage we do apply Nutritive oil such as Virgin Coconut Oil or oil that is rich in nutrients.  The use of oil in Hilot Pahid sequence is not just to lubricate the skin in applying the sequence of Haplos, Hagod, Pisil, Pindot and Piga but it has its own healing properties it self.  We believe that our medicine is not just for topical application but it can also be taken internally. Such as our Binabaylan Healing Oil it can be taken internally and not only applied topically.

Whereas Mineral Oil belongs to the class of chemicals called hydro carbons, which are compounds that is composed of Carbon and Hydrogen. Indeed they have emolient properties because of their low volatility and smoothing texture when applying to the skin and with this it build up barriers to the skin which can clog the pores. Since it  create barriers it damage the skin by increasing water loss.


Last night i view our WordPress Traffic report and see who view us and i found that there are 5 views coming from Norway. So i started to check on this European Country and check it’s Traditional Medicine.


norway-flag-stdNorway , officially as the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic Country in Northern Europe whose territory comprises the western and northern most portion of the Scandanavian peninsula; the remote island of  Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard are also part of the Kingdom of Norway.   The Name Norge which means “The Northern Way” originally pertained to a region of the country before political consolidation under Harald the Fair-Haired around 900 C.E. In later use, the country’s name indicates its location on the northern periphery of Europe. Oslo is the Capital City of Norway and their form of Government is Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy ruled by a King and their State Religion is Christianity where the King is the head of the State Church employing Bishops and Priest in the administrative structure.

The Traditional Medicine of Norway is shaped by both Christianity and Traditional Sami (an Indigenous group in Norway) Nature Worship. The healing rituals may include prayer, the use  of tools such as moss, water, stones, wools and soil. In Norway, Traditional Healing is categorized as Traditional Medicine and itsa modalities offered are cupping, blood-stemming, laying on of hands, healing prayers and rituals. The Traditional Healers are mostly non-professional and non-commercial therapist.

According to World Health Organization, almost everyone in Norway is allowed to treat patients, regardless of training or profession. However, only allopathic physicians, and to some extent dentists and persons assisting physicians and under the guidance of a physician, are allowed to use the title “Doctor of Medicine”, use a title indicating a specialty in a specific illness, or advertise- although anyone can place an announcement in the press that contains only a name, address, consultation hours, and general information on services provided.

It is quite interesting to know that there is a Traditional Medicine practice in Norway that is known as Guvllar. Guvllar means traditional healer, the other term used for traditional healer are “buorideaddji” (healer) “diehti” (one who knows), and “oaidnu” (clairvoyant). All of these terms originates from “noaidevuohta” who is a pre Christian Priest/ Healer of Norway like our very own Babaylan in the Philippines.

A noaidi has the ability to listen and see beyond the appearance of all things, and to understand their true nature; a disseminator of knowledge, and also an artist, seer and lecturer in addition to being a healer. Aside from this i found one distinct characteristic of Noadi that is similar to the Babaylan is that  the ancestor spirits make a human aware of his or her abilities by creating disturbances, for example by giving the future shaman a mental disorder or illness that will lead to a near death experience. Through these experiences can the new shaman become aware of his or her gifts and calling as a shaman.

As i search to understand the Traditional Medicine of Norway, i saw a video in YouTube that describes its Traditional Medicine. Let us watch this video posted by Rachel Gessner published on January 29, 2016.

I got another video found and its an interview with the Grand Grand Daughter of a Famous Traditional Healer in Norway.

Are you from Norway? What do you think about this article? Share your thoughts to us by making comment below. We love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy reading this article. And Thank you for viewing us.

Until then, May you all Blessed Be Peace!