Hilot Online Training (HOT)

Due to Pandemic of Covid 19, we are processing our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training from in person face-to-face training to Digital and Online Platform. In order to continue our advocacy in preserving and promoting Philippine Traditional Medicine, we divide our training program into two level category which is the Mind and Spiritual Working and the Body Work Techniques. Due to the implementation of Physical Distancing policy around the world, many schools and educational institution take this challenge to go on digital and virtual platform by providing training courses online.

Since Hilot as healing modality also requires physical contact treatments, we temporarily limit our training program into non contact modality which you will learn by enrolling to our Mind and Spiritual Working Courses.

Mind and Spiritual Working Training Program

This training program will allow you to discover your own self and develop innate healing abilities. As Manghihilot your primary duty and responsibility is to heal which means to Help, Educate, Alleviate, Life. In Helping people you provide Hope, Education, Livelihood, and Progress/ Prosperity to your clients/ patients.

In the Mind and Spiritual Working Training Course program, you will learn to master the following:

Unit 1: Defining Hilot

  • Hilot Definition, Principles and Philosophies
  • Modalities used in Hilot
  • Virtues of Hilot
  • Origin of Hilot
  • Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness
  • Elements and Faculties of Man
  • Filipino Concept of Soul
  • Indication and Contrainditcation of Hilot
  • Healing Practices of our Ancestors
  • The Precolonial Filipino Healthcare Delivery System

Unit 2: Hilot Diagnostic Method

  • Water Tawas
  • Egg Tawas
  • Paper Tawas
  • Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis
  • Pulse Reading Analysis

Unit 3: Healing Rituals

  • Importance of Rituals in Healing
  • Pagpag/ Taboy Exorcism Ritual
  • Dampi- Pauli Soul Retrieval Ritual


Training duration requires 56 Hours to complete the Mind and Spiritual Working course. Each lesson, subject or topic will require an hour of presentation and an hour for return demonstration or evaluation, total of 2 hours per subject/topic/lesson. Maximum hour of class per day will be 4 hours that will make it days to complete. That will make it total of 14 days to complete.


Training delivery requires the use of Internet Connection. Lesson Materials will be posted online via Google Classroom App. Upon completion of the registration form and initial payment for the enrollment we will send you an email to invite you in to our Google Classroom. Our Classroom will also require video call interaction through Google Meet so be sure to have a headset mic with noise cancellation capability and a video on your laptop or mobile device.

Learning Delivery will be conducted on the following form:

  • Audio Visual Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion
  • Lecture

Learning evaluation will be conducted afterwards in the following form:

  • Oral Recitation
  • Return Demonstration Observation
  • Special Project
  • Written Examination


Php 26,000.00 or USD 520.00

The training fee will cover the cost for the copyrights of our Learning material, online platform (wordpress.com and G Suite for Education), trainers professional fee and certification.


30% non refundable reservation fee is required and full payment can be done one day before the start of the class. A 20% discount will be offered to our supporting members of the Shrine which you can find at FilipinoMagick. Our Maximum number of students to be admitted is 6 in order to maximize the benefit of learning.

Payment can be done through:

Hilot online Training Reservation

Non Physical Contact Hilot healing modality in mind and spiritual workings,


or you may pay your reservation fee through:




AMOUNT IN PHP: 7,800.00



Let it be known that by filling up the required information asked in this form and fulfilling all the terms and conditions stated below that you agree to become part of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan taking the full duties and responsibility as its enrolled student.

  1. All information in this form will remain confidential and will be only used as documentation for student records of the academy.
  2. You will be asked to make a 30% down payment from the total amount of the enrollment fee two weeks ahead of the time of the first day of the class.
  3. As an enrolled student, you are required to attend and participate in the classroom lectures, discussions and demonstration.
  4. You will also be asked to do some homework assignments during the class, special project, oral recitation, and return demonstration as a form of evaluating your learning progress.
  5. Upon completion of all of the required lessons to be taken, you will be evaluated/ assessed accordingly.
  6. Upon passing the assessment, your trainer will make endorsement and recommendation for your graduation.
  7. Like the training program is held online, so as your graduation ceremony will be conducted online.
  8. Certificate of Completion will be sent digitally through email.
  9. Live Certificate of Completion can be availed separately from the Digital Certificate. It’s price will depend on the fee being charged at CSJDM Post Office.
  10. Payments can be done through Paypal or East West Bank as stated on our web page.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Rolando Gomez Comon CNT-OPW

CEO/ Training Director

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan