We are an Educational Ministry of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. that aims to preserve the Physio-Psycho Emotional and Socio-Spiritual and Cultural aspect of Hilot that is known as the Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences of the Philippines. We promote Hilot as Holistic Integrative Life giving Operable Therapies that is Truly a Filipino Pride!

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Gender Neutrality during the precolonial times in the Philippines

I am writing this article to share my opinion and belief towards Gender Identification and Expressions of our ancestors during the precolonial time. Naturally everyone of us when we are born our Gender has been assigned by our Midwife or doctor who assist in letting us out in this world. Our Gender has been identified … Continue reading Gender Neutrality during the precolonial times in the Philippines

We are now conducting Distance Learning through our Hilot online Training Program. Click on the image below to learn how to enroll in our Hot Program.

Our Hilot online Training for Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working will be on pause as we are doing updates fro the lessons as it will become TRADITIONAL ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS ANALYTIC SYSTEM or Tawas Diagnostic: Working with the Mind and Spirit.

We are going to offer our newest updates as early as January 2023 however if you want to be part of the January 2023 class, you may register now by Clicking the link here.

Lakay Magbaya Aghama who is our Deputy Chief Priest in Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. and our Director of Spiritual Healing Arts here at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan have developed our very own Divinatory method which can be considered also a Traditional Diagnostic Method known as Sibulan Adlaw Tala. It uses the modified Baybayin Script developed by Lakay Magbaya Aghama in order to understand the clients Psychological and Emotional Disturbance. This Psycho-emotional release technique would help client deal with Anxiety and Depression.

Learn the Filipino Traditional Baybayin Writing Script for Divinatory and Oracular use and psycho-emotional diagnosis.

Monthly Attunement workshop is being held, to attend his Attunement Workshop you may register by filling up the form by clicking on the photo above. To know more about the attunement workshop, you may visit his website at www.siadtala.com