Welcome to Hilot Academy of Binabaylan

We are an Educational Ministry of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. that aims to preserve the Physio-Psycho Emotional and Socio-Spiritual and Cultural aspect of Hilot that is known as the Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences of the Philippines. We promote Hilot as Holistic Integrative Life giving Operable Therapies that is Truly a Filipino Pride!

We are now conducting Distance Learning through our Hilot online Training Program. Click on the image below to learn how to enroll in our Hot Program.

Our Hilot online Training for Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working

is now accepting trainee’s for June 7, 2021 Class

Learn the Filipino Traditional Baybayin Writing Script for Divinatory and Oracular use and psycho-emotional diagnosis.

the mystic goddess: a hilot binabaylan of san ramon, california

I met this person virtually as Recommended by a Famous Advocate of Philippine Traditional Medicine and Mangaablon of California name Virgilio Apostol Mayor. And this person is Maria Haswell. At first she availed my service online then later on decided to learn Hilot with us. And now, let us get to know her here: Who … Continue reading the mystic goddess: a hilot binabaylan of san ramon, california


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