Popularizing Gender Identification is an Insult to our Ancestors

There is an article in the Internet that Identifies the Male Babaylan as Asog. And this article can be found at The Aswang Project. I have nothing against Jordan Clark which is the Author and Publisher of The Aswang Project, he is just a researcher and what he is sharing is just a research and made by other person.

The Aswang Project have quoted the works of According to  Milagros Geremia-Lachica’s which is alsoa researcher that :

some of the Spanish friars managed to chronicle religious practices of our ancestors headed by women. Yet they also found male priests who preside during sacred ceremonies. These male  were properly called Fray Alcina, one of the Friars who took a keen interest on the early religion of our ancestors, elaborated  as follows:

Alcina also added that society might tend to have degrading outlooks towards a man who is found incapable of partaking his role as a male, for it is expected of him to take part in the practice of matrimony and to beget children. For “effeminate men” who found themselves in this kind of position, becoming an  is an alternative way to claim what would be perceived at this moment in history as their lost honor. Their traits and life style which lean towards being a female categorically puts them appropriately to the woman-centered class of 



If we can recall Lakapati, which is a Second Generation Divinity of our Land being known as Female Diwata but also have Male aspect so as the Famous Bathala who has been always depicted a Patriarch Divinity but actually has its Femine Aspect as well. 

Now-a-days, people make gender of Titles such as for Male Religous leader they will call as Pastor and for Female they will call Pastora. Male Healer as Doctor and Female as Doctora. In the use of English Language Doctor is doctor whenther the practitioner is male or female. The Babaylan is a Babaylan whether ther are born male or Female. 

It is sad to say that because of the influence of our Colonizer, the colonized Filipino have this mindset of identifying our selves in accordance to gender roles and pronouns. 

Notice our Tagalog word, we do not have pronoun for He, His, Him/ She, her, hers. When i am going describe a male person in English such as He is Handsome whereas in Tagalog we describe him as sya ay gwapo. and for female as she is beautiful while in tagalog sya ay maganda. 

Male pronoun= He in Tagalog is Sya
Female pronoun=She in Tagalog Sya

Gender Neutrality during the precolonial times in the Philippines

I am writing this article to share my opinion and belief towards Gender Identification and Expressions of our ancestors during the precolonial time. Naturally everyone of us when we are born our Gender has been assigned by our Midwife or doctor who assist in letting us out in this world. Our Gender has been identified because of the Genitals that can be found in the middle of our leg. So we are male when we have penis whereas a Female if we have vigina. But when the spaniards came, these gender identity have extended even to our kitchen utensils such as La Kutchara or spoon for Female and El Tinidor or fork for male.

But as a Filipino it does not matter what Gender do we have, what matter for us is the role that we do in the Society. But focusing this topic about Gender even that we are born possessing such genitals assigned for male and female. There people who have male genitals when they are born but as they grow they express themselves as Female. In modern times we call them as Bakla that originates from the word Bayok which the Visayan word Bayot came from. Whereas there a female who express themselves as male today we call them as Tomboy but in olden times they are called Asog or person possessing strong personality or Kusog/Kisig.

There are article that says that Babaylan are only Female while the Male Babaylan are called Asog. I believe that this is not right as it will contradict to the principle of Gender Nuetrality because even the Diwata they are Gender Neutral.

New Training Program available by January 2023

Tawas is part of Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine. It has been practiced by our ancestors in determining the cause of an illness. Now-a-days, Tawas has become an alternative when conventional modern medicine fails to detect the cause of illness of a person from then they would come to a magtatawas to ask for healing It is not that Modern Medicine has no ability in providing cure but instead their knowledge on curing illness is only based on the teachings of modern science. 

I am writing this book in sharing my personal knowledge on how tawas have worked on the people whom i touched as well as the principles on the practice of Pagtatawas with hope that through what i have shared, it could be used as a reference in conducting research to integrate this ancestral healing arts and science into the modern health care delivery system

In this program, we have shared Hilot as a Holistic Health Care where the function of Tawas serves as its Traditional Diagnostic Method which determines the energetic or Spiritual Body of an Individual. Aside from being Diagnostic and Divinatory, the procedure also serves as a Psycho- Emotional Release Therapy which will bring out the hidden emotions that have been caused by other activities of the individual’s mind. To some patients, they have said that tawas have relieved their anxiety and depression by letting out the suppressed emotions they possess within them.

My objective in sharing this Ancestral knowledge of our Healing Arts and Science is to.

  1. Integrate the practice of tawas and its importance to Philippine Traditional Indigenous Medicine.
  2. Understand the inseparability of the Physical Body to the Spiritual Body in Maintaining Optimum Health and Wellness of an Individual.
  3. Develop proficiency in performing different Tawas techniques.
  4. Conduct Ritual for face-to-face or distant healing sessions.


GOOD NEWS! We are going to Start Face-to Face In person Training Soon at Silang, Cavite!

Hiding in our Comfort Zone is over as everyone is already opening up their doors to Travel. Gerone said in France there is no need to wear Face Mask or Face Shield as almost everyone received their Vaccine. I got my permission now to say this that on November 17, 2020 i have entered into an Agreement with the Former Tourism Secretary Mina Gabor and Ms. Nora Columna who is a Hilot Trainer in Cavite in Establishing the Hilot Philippines Development Center which we are going to launch either this coming October or November 2022.

So with this plan your travel to the Philippines and Enroll to our Hilot Training Program that we have forged together just for you. So aside from me as your lead trainer, i will also be joined by Lakay Magbaya Aghama and Ms. Nora Columna.

And not only them that you will meet but our Faculty will also include Professional Medical Doctors that is great advocate on Philippine Traditional, Complementary Medicine and they are the Former Health Secretary of Department of Health, Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan and former Director General of Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care, Dr. Isidro Sia.

Hilot Philippines Development Center have Developed 6 Training Programs that would help to uplift the practice of manghihilot not only in the Philippines but also around the world as our Training Programs are all approved by Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care.

Basically we offer Hilot 101 which aims to enable students to have familiarity on the Definition, History, Philosophy and principles of Hilot as Philippine Traditional Medicine and also to have an expertise in application of the Basic Hilot Touch Manipulation such as the application of Pindot, Haplos, Hagod, Pisil and Piga; and also in providing Hilot Complementary treatments to client/patient such as Dagdagay Traditional Filipino Foot Care Treatment, Pagsasala Leaf Scanning and Bentusa Fire Cupping Therapy.

Our Hilot 101 is a 5 Days Training program which you will learn the following subjects:

  • Definition of Hilot
  • Modalities used in Hilot
  • Virtues of Hilot ( Ethics and guidelines in the practice of Hilot)
  • Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness
  • The Healing Practices of our Ancestors
  • The indication and contraindication of Hilot
  • The integration of Hilot into the modern science
  • Understanding of the behaviour of Filipino towards Hilot
  • The Healing principles of Hilot
  • Demonstration of Pahid vs. Punas
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Hagod
  • Exploring the Healing effects of other touch Manipulations
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Pindot
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Pisil
  • Explaining and Demonstration of Piga
  • Introduction and Demonstration of Hilot Footcare Treatment Dagdagay/Kulis
  • Pagsasala and Panghihila
  • The practice of Bentusa Fire Cupping

After taking all the required subjects, each student will undergo an institutional assessment where an assessor will evaluate if an individual have already acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that been taught in the class and a graduation ceremony will be held and recommendation for national certification will be awarded.

Each students may opt out for National Certification and may also opt in to continue to level up their skills by taking our Hilot 102 Training Program.

Our Hilot 102 is a Hilot Complementary Treatment modality that aims to enhance the knowledge, skills and behavior of our students that will enable them to provide preventive Hilot Care Treatment and promote optimum health and wellness of the client/patient through Hilot Banyos, Hilod (Herbal Body Exfoliation), Pagbabalot (Herbal Body Wrap), Suob ( Herbal Steam Bath) and Luop/Palina (Dry Herbal Fumigation). This HIlot Healing Water Treatment course is only a 3 day course which i can advice that you can take it straight together with Hilot 101.

Or if you still have time, you can also take our Hilot 103 & Hilot 104 to complete all the Ancestral Healing Arts and Science we have prepared just for you.

Hilot 103 or Remedial Hilot Treatment is a 5 days training program that focus on sharing techniques on treating Filipino Traditional Illness while Hilot 104 or Hilot Health Assessment and Evaluation Method is a 3 days training program.

So if you are one of the Filipino in Diaspora and you intend to use your vacation in learning with us and have mastery on providing Hilot, spare 16 days of your time with us and we will help you achieve your goals in Learning Hilot.

Hilot Homecoming!

Gerone and Jeremy receives their Certificate of Training in Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan and Sibulan Adlaw Tala Baybayin Mystic Oracle Attunement.

Last August 25, 2022- me and lakay had an opportunity to have a lunch date with our Hilot Academy Graduates from France and they are a couple name Jeremy Pascal who is an Engineer and a Fermentation Guro who shares to us Water Kerfir Grain that we ferment to become a Pro Biotic Drink and Gerone Pascal who is a Filipina Yoga Teacher. They have taken our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Class for 9 days face-to-face last September 2019. Gerone and Jeremy were our First Couple who have taken our Face-to-face Hilot Class before the Pandemic.

Lunch date with Gerone and Jeremy after 3 years. Before i used to cook for them now they have treated me with a Great Lunch!

From my experience of Face-to-Face teaching, supposedly as teachers-we are the one who is transferring our technology to our students but having an in person interaction, I as teacher is also learning from them. Of course during their 9 days of staying with us, it is not 24 hours of making Hilot but there are free time we used to relax and do other things. So meeting them again in person brings back the memories i had with them including the time between that day to now. Because, even that they have finished taking the course, our line of communication are very much open in supporting their practice of Hilot.

Dr. Chris Lipat DC of Hawaii meeting in person for the First Time

I feel like I have organically been in the process of becoming manghihilot as my combined chiropractic and energy work practice includes addressing emotional, nutritional and increasingly energetic/spiritual components. I’m excited to be able to finally learn my traditional medicine to expand on what I have been intuitively doing!

Dr. Chris Lipat in her response on Why do you want 8/5/2020

Dr. Chris Lipat were among the first who took our online class during the time of Pandemic. Though traditionally Hilot is learned by individual through apprenticeship and should be done face-to-face as healing with hilot requires personal touch that the patient may receive the healing of Hilot. But the Pandemic of Covid 19 have changed this belief that allows me to contemplate deeper on the modalities of Hilot. This why the NCH-MSW class has been born which we teach online how to do tawas. And with the line of expertise of Dr. Chris Lipat, she have manifested to me how energy works not only in face-to-face but also distantly. She also have mentioned yesterday, that usually meeting with other person for the first time has the feeling of being stranger, but since we had been in touch online for how many months, that feeling of being stranger is gone but you have developed trust to one another.

I am grateful for yesterday meeting that I was able to experience the Energy Medicine that Dr. Chris have brought along with her though before meeting i courageously ask Dr. Chris about it because i don’t usually ask that to my students but this time, i acknowledge my current limitations and have asked Dr. Chris Lipat to work on me. And the session that i have received is somewhat life changing experience as it does not only deal with my current health issues but also have opened up a portal that addressed my issues not only to my current past life but also beyond my current life existence. The Energy Medicine that Dr. Chris have developed was already written in her book that you can find through Amazon’s Kindle and the Book Title is Knowing: The Intuitive’s guide for Transformative Healing. Then as of writing this, Dr. Chris is already preparing to go back to Hawaii as she will have an in person workshop on September 10. For more details about her public offerings kindly visit her website at www.drchrislipat.com

September is coming and its International Peace Month

For over 2 years now all of us all over the world have experience this pandemic of Covid 19. During those times how did Hilotacademy.com help you maintain peace at home so as your optimum health and wellness? Kindly share your thoughts and experience.

Commentary on Hilot Code of Ethics

Republic Act 8423 or other wise known as Philippine Traditional Medicine Act of the Philippines have established the Government Owned Corporation known as Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care that is now located on East Avenue Medical Center Compound, Matapang St., Brgy Central, Diliman, Quezon City.

One of its mandate as stated in the law is: To formulate a code of ethics and standards for the practice of traditional and alternative health care modalities for approval and adoption by the appropriate professional and government agencies;

and as of this moment, Philippines recognize these Traditional and Alternative Medicine modalities that been regulated by PITAHC, and they are the Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Hilot, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy.


Upon seeing this, we might think that these healing modalities are the priorities of PITAHC. Thus defining Hilot as Traditional Medicine would not be appropriate that is why some lawmakers in trying to revive the law which is the RA 8423 have defined Hilot under House Bill 9160 drafted by Congresswoman Dr. Angelina “Helen” D.L. Ta, MD; House Bill 10059 drafted by Congresswoman Rossana “Ria’ Vergara; Senate Bill 2127 as drafted by Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., and Senate Bill 1308 as drafted by Senator Emmanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao.

On the said proposed laws under their definition of terms, they have defined Hilot as a modality under the Alternative Health Care Modalities which is defined as:

other forms of non-allopathic, occasionally non-indigenous or imported healing method’s, though not necessarily practiced for centuries nor handed down from one generation to another [. Some alternative health care modalities include], WHICH SHALL INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO, reflexology, ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, acupressure, chiropractic, nutritional therapy, HILOT, NATUROPATHY, HOMEOPATHY/HOMOTOXICOLOGY, TUINA MASSAGE, OSTEOPATHY, ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE and other similar [methods] MODALITIES.

Senate Bill 1308 by Senator Manny Pacquiao Section 1 definition of terms; Senate Bill 2127 by Senator Ramon “bong” Revilla Section 1 Definition of Terms; House Bill 10059 by Congresswoman Rossana “Ria” Vergara on section 2 Definition of Terms; and on House Bill 9160 by Dr. Helen Tan Section 2 Definition of Terms

All of these law makers have the same thoughts about Hilot and they considered it only as an Alternative Health Care Modalities. and this is where the problem comes from. Hilot was not well defined that even the Institute that should promote our very own Traditional Medicine in my own opinion even the institute is confused of what Hilot really is. Though Technical Education and Skills Development Authority have been teaching Hilot since 2008, but even them have failed to correctly define Hilot but what they have promoted is doing Massage which is a Filipinized version of Swedish Massage.

So having a code of ethics would help as stated in Pitahc Mandate in defining what hilot is really about. So i reach out to them and have given me the Kartilya ng Manghihilot or Code of conduct of Manghihilot as well as the Antipolo Declaration.

In this code of ethics as i read it and make lakay read it as well, it seems that we are reading a sacred scripture that was set on stones like the stone tablet of the commandment of God. On the Antipolo Declaration here we see that it is so much aligned in making a resolution;

On the 3rd code was written in Tagalog which is a summary of an event so this was titled as Hilot Declaration in Tugegaro;

Now with these, can we have a clear definition of Hilot? If I am new in the practice, can these code of ethics guide me through? I could not help myself to compare this code of ethics to other modalities such as in massage therapy, one example of this is what we could find at Associated Bodyworks and Massage Professionals that have stated their code of ethics in their website. So with this, we have drafted our Habi Code of Ethics for Manghihilot.

The purpose of Code of ethics is to inform the Hilot practitioners on how to conduct themselves. It reiterates the values and moral as the practitioners and receiver will understand the standards that we are accountable to uphold.

As manghihilot, we are Healthcare providers which our goals consist of prevention of premature death and disability, maintainance or improvement of life,maximization of personal growth and development, and preparation for a good death.

As manghihilot we are traditional medicine practitioners. Our practice is based on the knowledge of our ancestors in delivering healthcare in terms of prevention, diagnosis and elimination of physical and/or mental disorders.

As time passed by new knowledge has been added to our practice to make the Hilot Tradition be adaptable into modern times.

We acknowledge that every individual has the ability to heal themselves thus our role only is to help the individual to facilitate their own healing.

As manghihilot, we do not treat patient that has conditions that is beyond our understanding. We refer them to proper healthcare professionals as necessary.

As manghihilot, we are trained to treat Traditional Filipino Ailments known as Pilay, and our works only revolved in treating this illness.

Our limitation as manghihilot is bounded only to what we know, so in order to overcome this limitation we should be open for learning and face the modern challenges of life; as time evolves into modernity we will bring hilot all along that future generations may still benefit from it.

Change is the only constant thing in this world; and through changes we are being reformed so that we may adopt to the challenges of modern times.

As Manghihilot, we do not just treat patient that comes to us to deal with their complaints; we will verify their current condition by conducting an investigative procedures that we call as Tawas.

We recognize that the illness of man may come either as a Spiritual Illness or a Physical Illness. And sometimes Physical Illness comes as a manifestation of Spiritual Illness or the disturbance of the patients mind and emotion.

We recognize that illness manifest to the Physical body of a person through the emotion or sensation of the person which is usually pain or discomfort. And sometime the cause of this discomfort has no physical origin but only dwells in the mind. Since it dwells in the mind that affects the person emotion, we treat it by creating rituals to release the Psycho- Emotional discomfort of a person which we know as Spiritual Illness.

As manghihilot, we recognize each individual person as Unique and Special, so the treatment we provide will vary to each individual even that two individual are experiencing same conditions. We highly respect individual differences, so that each individual may experience a unique way of treatment coming from a Manghihilot.

As we adopts into the modern times we can integrate our practice of Hilot into the current conventional healthcare delivery system in prevention of illness and in promotion of optimum health and well being.

We do not forbid nor discredit the freewill of our patient in their choice of healthcare and limit it to either the conventional or taditional hilot but we can integrate it for the greater benefit of our patient in terms of caring for their health.

As manghihilot, we value the health of every individual who seeks for our help but we do not tolerate negligence on the part of the individual by making us come into their homes to be treated unless the individual is already bed ridden. Serious illness such as Chronic Diseases must be seen first by Medical professional and upon their recommendation and with proper consent then we can apply our treatment techniques upon requested.

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan Code of Ethics for Manghihilot written by Apu Adman Aghama

Schooling the Manghihilot

Have you remember that our parents have said that we should study hard so that we may land into a better paying job. Is this still true today?

In 2008 Technical Education Skills Development Authority have seen Hilot as employable skills that they created Hilot Training Standards and Regulation so that they may conduct National Assessment and Certification to manghihilot. With that they provide training to those who want to learn Hilot through schooling and for those who are unschooled but well skilled in Hilot they need to be assessed in order to be certified.

This year, we have participated in the talk between Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) and Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in terms of Certification of Hilot. But the current talk as of now revolves on the quality of services that a manghihilot provides. Well in terms of training it should be TESDA who will provide training just like in Commission on Higher Education they are the one who teach and Train the students and after they graduate they will apply license to Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). The later was suggested by Dr. Isidro Sia former Director General of PITAHC. So let us let them who belongs to who but our main concern here is the future of our Manghihilot.

Let us be honest here, the skills of touching other people can be done by anyone such as in doing Massage. When I was a child I’ve been asked by parents to give the Hilot Massage either on head or legs. Everyone has a gift of touch when in times of emergency it is automatically activated. So as in our home, our parents have secret herbal formula that they use in times we are sick and out of budget going to the doctor. Having said this Regulating the Practice of Hilot by making its practitioners be Certified will give security towards public health but it will also give burden to our practitioners. But how is the manghihilot now-a-days even if they are certified? On what Industry will they fall if they received Standardized and Regulated Training? As I hear them out, these experts still think that a Manghihilot together with Massage Therapist work in a Spa which is a Hospitality Industry which is covered by the Department of Tourism.

Well it seems that our effort in telling that Hilot is part of Healthcare industry is wrong if all our graduates will fall into Spa Industry. But these must be properly addressed not only in terms of which industry should a graduate of Hilot must work? The issue here that i want to raise is to secure a Job for all manghihilot whether they are trained or recognized through assessment that upon compliance based on the Standards and Regulation, all manghihilot must have a descent job to work.

As of this moment, there are still many manghihilot who works at home in a donation basis system. Some who are schooled landed on a Spa where they do massage and other spa treatments. If they apply abroad their skills in Hilot is converted into massage so as if they apply in a cruise ship. These government agencies think of HIlot that is something to be proud of that they need to offer it to foreigners just to say that we have our own brand. Indeed we have but unfortunately we falsely advertise it by showing the wrong modality. As you browse on internet, you can always see articles telling Hilot as a Filipino Massage and there are some people in abroad call themselves as Hilot either because they are Filipino or have lived in the Philippines for a decade or two but what they make is Massage and not Hilot.

If a Manghihilot will be schooled at least at the end of schooling, they should land a better job which can give them security in their future. A schooled Manghihilot should have a Job that pays for their Social Security, Health Assurance and Pagibig Fund. Though some of our current practitioners have it by doing voluntary payment for their own SSS, Philhealth, and Pagibig.

If i have a right or authority, i do not want a manghihilot to work in a spa but instead they should be hired in Government Health Centers where people can avail the service of Hilot even that the people will not pay, PhilHealth insurance will cover it for the people.

The Work of Manghihilot

In reality, not all time people will need a manghihilot. Unlike Massage, Hilot can only be availed if you have a Pilay which is a condition that been treated with Hilot. Like what i’ve said, not everyday there are people who have pilay, so what other work can a manghihilot will do?

If our Government is really serious on uplifting the status of Hilot in the Philippines, aside from giving treatment, a Manghihilot can be a partner of PITAHC in conducting field research on Herbal Medicine. As field researcher they should be:

  • responsible in documenting herbs that is available in their respected barangay by going house to house and take pictures of the herbs that grow in their yard.
  • Take sample of the herbs and send it to PITAHC to further conduct research on the medicinal properties of the collected herbs.
  • Cultivate the sample herbs in the Barangay Botanical Garden.
  • Process the approved herbs into herbal medicine such as in making oils, soap, tea, capsules, syrup, etc. in PITAHC Laboratory.
  • becomes a sales partner of PITAHC in distributing approved herbs.

With that being said on the possible job that a manghihilot should perform, when schooled the manghihilot should be properly equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude in performing the said job description.

So when a Manghihilot is properly Certified a secure jobs awaits them in the Philippines. And these will also grow as there are a lot more jobs that a manghihilot can do in the Field of Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Health Care.

Hilot Online Training will be on Haitus

For almost 2 years that we are doing online class on Non Contact Hilot Mind and Spirit Work. When we start this it has Hilot sa Halaman class but as we progress we take it off and create another class for it. This month of August we are going to pause our enrollment for Non Contact Hilot Mind and Spirit Work or Magtatawas Certification to give way for our updates to come in. And may come back as early as January 2023.

Our online class has become a source of income for us and have sustained us this time of pandemic. But this sacrifice need to happen so that we could improve the contents of our class and also to give birth for our new classes. If you had already taken the Magtatawas Certification or the Mind and Spirit Work, you have taken 3 learning units from it which consist of:

  • Defining Hilot
  • Hilot Diagnosis
  • and Hilot Rituals

And along the way, we have spent hours of video conferencing discussing random topics concerning our course Curriculum. And upon contemplation as personal evaluation on the activities we have done. What we have discussed on our online video conference are also important that it needs to be included in the Tawas Certification Course.

So instead of 3 learning units which composed of 18 lessons that has learning activities of reading, watching videos and creating videos as return demonstration, now with our updated curriculum it will be more longer.

In our updated Curriculum, we are going to change totally the Course Title, so instead of Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work it will become now known as TRADITIONAL ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS ANALYTIC SYSTEM (TAWAS DIAGNOSTIC: WORKING WITH THE MIND AND SPIRITS). I am now excited to show to everyone my introduction on this class. As this will not only be available online but I plan to publish it as a workbook. Since the class we offer online is self paced, even those who do not have access to the internet may avail it by buying it from us in person. So if those who have bought the book intended to be certified, they may come to us again and be assessed by performing the task required stated in the book.

The new curriculum will have an additional Learning Unit that will talk about the Metaphysical aspect of Hilot that composed of lessons about Human as a Spiritual being in the Flesh as during our video conferencing we have emphasized that we can not separate the Spirit to Human being as this separation may mean death to the Human. At the same time we are going to cover up also the Spiritual realms that may affect the life force (Health) of human being, and the Use of Amulets, Charms and Talisman which will be an introductory for our ALBULARYO (Hilot sa Halaman) Training Course.

As of this moment, we are currently working the updates for Magtatawas Certification, so as we already have drafted the Learning Outcome for Manggagamot Certification which is HILOT GAMUTAN: A FUNDAMENTAL GUIDE ON HILOT TREATMENT METHODOLOGY; so as the ALBULARYO TRAINING COURSE.

Taking up new students is important to me as YOU who will enroll our training program supports me personally that i may have finances not only in running the academy but also in handling our daily needs such as house utility bills, food and now my medication. But in order to improve our lessons, we are elevating our standards so that we can be a model on which Hilot Training should be. As you all know now, that i have mentioned that currently we had an offer from Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care to become part of their Technical Working Group on Hilot Development Training, so I want you to be the first and take the lead in the Practice of Hilot.

So with this, I hope even that we are on Haitus, you can still support me by becoming a member to our subscription page at Buy Me A Coffee.

No Home Service Massage

It is very common now-a-days to have a massage at the Comfort of our Homes. I think that is okay if your Massage provider is a Family Member such as you husband, wife, son or Daughter. But hiring a Massage Therapist to indulge you in your home or hotel room is Illegal.

The practice of Massage in the Philippines has been established through the Presidential Decree 856 or known as The Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

According to this law:

NO Masseurs shall be allowed to practice their profession without first securing a Certificate of Registration issued by the Committee of Examiners of Massage Therapy.

Sec 4.1.1 Chapter 13 Sanitation Code of the Philippines

Aside from Certificate of Registration of Masseurs, the law also prescribed the workplace where a Registered Masseur should render their Services. In Section 3 of Chapter 13 in 3.1 it is said that:

No Massage Clinic or Sauna Bath establishment shall open and operate for public patronage without a Sanitary Permit issued by a local health officer. It even state that in 3.2. that Any extension or additional construction or alteration in an establishment shall require a new sanitary permit before it could be operated.

This mean the clients room unless it is part of your massage clinic must be inspected first and applied for a sanitary permit before you can render massage.

In Section 5 of the law, it states the Structural Requirement in establishing a Massage Clinic that includes:

  • Standard Flooring
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Change Rooms
  • Reception Rooms
  • Treatment (Massage) Rooms

Home Service Massage Workers do not comply on this government requirements in providing their Massage Services thus in accordance to the law: Any person who shall violate, disobey, omit or neglect to comply with any of the provision of this rules and regulation shall be guilty of misdemeanor that is punishable of 6 months imprisonment.