June 2021 has arrived!


We are already on the 6th month of the Year 2021 at the time of Covid Pandemic Era and are surviving. The new normal have already changed our system specially on delivering the Training Methods we use to initiate new Hilot Binabaylan this modern times. We started implementing this new system of learning Last June 2020 as an experimental method of training and gratefully we succeed!

The Hilot Online Training program have made successful training of 4 batches that graduated last 13th of February 2021 and they are Lukayo Estrella, Bernice Dela Cruz, Michaela Sanders and Christine Lipat. And now this 6th of June 2021, the second batches of candidates for Graduation will take their oath as we conduct a ritual ceremony and they are Janalyne Umipig, Lawrence Pau, Akua Maat, Jenifer Ebilane and Jen Maramba.

As we will give them their charge, we are also welcoming potential new Hilot Binabaylan that will take the role as Pangutanahan/ Paganituhan/ Pangatauhan or Magtatawas. This is the certification that we are providing for the students who took the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Course.

Usually, the Magtatawas Training is part of our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Course which can be taken only in person as it requires face-to-face apprenticeship and immersion to the life of Hilot Binabaylan. Due to Pandemic and travel ban, we have designed a new method of training that does not require traveling and in person face-to-face contact which is the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit working.

During this period of Pandemic, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan redesign our Training Delivery Method and bring it into a virtual platform which is the Google Classroom. Special thanks to our Mother which is the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama for arranging us a system where we could continue to share the ancestral knowledge of Healing Arts and Science online.

The Online Training Platform is a Big Leap for Hilot Academy as well as to the Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Healing System. As Folk and Traditional Medicine was called to be unscientific but now through studies and use of technology, we are bringing science in order for us to advance the Status of Hilot that can complement and integrate into the modern healthcare delivery system.

As of this moment (June 2021) the available course in an online platform format is the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class, and soon we will add the Manggagamot Course which consist of Body Work Techniques and Manipulation and the Albularyo Course or Hilot sa Halaman (Herbalism) Course.

Each of the Training program will certify an Individual according to the course you have taken. But your certification will only provide you a title according to the course you have taken. For example, you have taken the Magtatawas Training Course or Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working, the Title that you will achieve here is the Magtatawas or Panganituhan/Pangutanahan/ Pangatauhan ng Hilot Binabaylan. That means you are not yet on the level of Hilot Binabaylan Title as you only acquire the Magtatawas Skills. In order to obtain the Title of Hilot Binabaylan, you must have taken the Magtatawas, Manggagamot and the Albularyo Skills which we certify separately or you may take it whole by taking our face-to-face, in person live in apprenticeship program which is the Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan.

Resolving Crisis together

After featuring Suob/ Tuob at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho at GMA TV Network in the Philippines it gain popularity to our local Filipino people that give them hope in protecting themselves from the harmful effect of Coronavirus in their lives. Though in our statement we have said that Suob/ Tuob or Palina is not a cure for this pandemic virus but we have emphasize that it can provide relief to the symptoms of this disease.

We acknowledge the fact that modern medicine in no chance will favor to the ways of Traditional Medicine Treatment Procedure, and by all means we see that they will find ways to debunk all the efforts of our Traditional Medicine Practitioners in doing our part to find relief and cure to the pandemic crisis situation.

The Philippine Department of Health have released a Warning Announcement on their Facebook page on June 25, 2020 discouraging the public to practice Suob/ Tuob as Traditional Healthcare. In their post we can see this:

PUBLIC WARNING ABOUT STEAM INHALATION OR TRUTH Steam inhalation or steam inhalation with salt, lemon, etc.  does not kill the COVID-19 virus and is not part of the procedure to prevent COVID-19.  Even the CDC and WHO strongly deny that steam inhalation outperforms COVID-19.  No scientific study to date has proven this.  There is a possibility (aerosolization), which may be the cause of the spread of the disease.  vapor inhalation Steam inhalation multiplies the (liquid) potential of infection by sneezing It can also cause accidents such as burns and skin rashes.  secretions in nasal cough.

With this public warning done by the Philippine Department of Health, i feel that they neglect their part in doing Scientific Study on the use of Suob/Tuob and they choose not to focus on the Cheap and Free Method of Healing as they will continue to promote modern medicine that will cost people a lot of money to secure their health.

Republic Act 8423 was made to establish the Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Healthcare which is an attached agency for the Philippine Department of Health as it was mandated to:

  • Encourage Scientific Research on and develop Traditional and Alternative Healthcare System that have a direct impact on Public Healthcare.
  • To promote and advocate the use of Traditional, Alternative, Preventive and Curative Healthcare modalities that have been proven safe, effective, cost effective, and consistent with government standards on medical practice.

Through these two statements derived from the mandated law, we can see that the Philippine Department of Health is directly debunking the efforts of PITAHC in promoting Philippine Traditional Healthcare. As we can see their efforts in providing cure and relief to the Common Filipino People.

So now from these two statements coming from one Government Agencies we see contradiction to one another.

The practice of Traditional Medicine may not be scientific in accordance to the Standard of Modern Medicine and Healthcare provider. It only shows that our practice of Traditional Medicine goes beyond the foundation of modern school that discover and institutionalize Modern Science and Medicine to school, colleges and Universities.

Traditional Filipino Medicine never claims that our Treatment can provide cure to any ailments and disease as it will goes against to our Teaching that our Body has the ability to heal ourselves. With that being taught to us, what we do is help the body find relief and empower the self to bring forth healing towards individual.

Apu Adman Aghama, Hilot Binabaylan of habi

We do not provide poisons to harm an individual but we seek to strengthen the person that they may be healed to themselves.

Suob/Tuob will never be a Cure. But with the Diligence and consideration of Modern Medical Practitioner in conducting scientific studies to this treatment may provide great impact to the common people in caring for their own Health.

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan salutes the effort of Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Healthcare in advocating to promote Suob/Tuob as Philippine Traditional Medicine.

Thank You for making a Stand for all of Us!

Mabuhay po Kayo!

My thoughts on Hilot Online Training

This June 2020 we are about to implement our Hilot Online Program (HoT). This mean that there will be no Face-to-face classes but instead we are going to transfer the Ancestral Knowledge of Philippine Traditional Healing Arts and Science purely online. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to take class without coming here in the Philippines where ever you are in the world. The Hilot online Training will save you from spending travel fare and room accommodation expenses.

As a requirement, you need to have at least a Desk Top, Laptop, Ipod/Tablet or smart phone that can be connected to Internet. Then on your device you need to have a web browser either Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. You also need to download Google Classroom App, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive and Google Meet for Video Call and Conferencing.

Our expected activities during the class will be the following:

  • Reading Information Sheets
  • Watching Video Presentation/ Demonstration
  • Answering Self Check Evaluations
  • Video Filming for return demonstration/ Observation
  • Video Call/ Conferencing for evaluation/ assessment.

At this moment, Hilot Online Training only provides Non Contact Hilot Modality such as the Mind and Spiritual Workings which will help you to master on Psycho and Emotional Health as well as on Bio Chemistry through employment of Herbs.

Before we make our schedule on the actual training, let me express my self clearly through this Video.

Ever since we start our training program in the Academy, the method of teaching hilot was always been live and in person. It is the same thing that our ancestors do in transferring their knowledge of the Healing Arts and Science to their apprentice. Since Learning Hilot is not just transferring skills knowledge and techniques of healing, but it is more about developing relationship from Students to their teacher. It is the same thing that you will do when you are already practicing Hilot to your patient/client you have to build relationship with them.

Learning in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan is not about satisfying the amount of money you pay to learn Hilot, but it is about gaining experience of what really Hilot is all about. That is the reason why we asked our previous student to stay with us in one roof to learn Hilot with us, because most of the lessons in hilot can not be found on a scheduled learning materials but on the random event that occurs during the training period.

Each words, actions and thoughts that come to us during the days you stay with us are part of the learning process. Each breathe; each emotions and even single creatures that come to pass on our way will give us message that will bring forth learning to us. And now, time is teaching us to evolve and adopt to the modern changes that is happening around us. And we will face this with Faith to the Divine that we will overcome this challenge and bring us success.

So until then, wait for our further announcement on when we are going to start our class this June 2020.

Updated Fee for Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Course

With the goal of improving the quality of our Training in Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Course which is an 8 Day Live In Training Program and through the feedback we have received with our previous students we decide to provide our future students to have a comfortable accommodation while learning with us.

With these efforts of bringing quality and comfort to our potential students in Hilot Academy, we are also making adjustment to our Training Fees from former Php 20,800.00 we are adjusting it into Php 38,200.00.

For more information about our Training Program, you may Email Apu Adman Aghama at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or you may contact us at +639952467040.

Need help with pregnancy

I received a private message on our Facebook Page Hilot Academy of Binabaylan asking for help with regards to Pregnancy. Seriously i responded that if you need help with regards to pregnancy at least have a girlfriend, get married, make love and soon your wife will get pregnant. But this certain person responded that her Girl Friend is already pregnant and what he want to inquire is to have ABORTION.

We want AbortionWrong Answer!

Hilot Academy don’t do Abortion. We teach our Student or even Patient to be responsible into their own life.  We maintain and sustain life, and doing abortion is not our stuff.

Safe Sex and Responsible Parenting is what we advocate in Hilot Academy. Instead of Abortion, we might promote male castration or vasectomy so that every time a male had a coitus with female they will not have a problem with pregnancy. Getting pregnant is a sacred gift of the Divine so as having sexual intercourse provides a bliss to each individual. Coitus or Sexual Intercourse is a celebration of Love, the Unifying of Body, Soul and Spirit of two individuals who partake the Divine Power of Co Creation.

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan as member Ministry of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. does not partake to any act of an individual to escape their innate responsibility towards Life.

Realms of Hilot

Many people still know Hilot as a form of Massage comparably think of it as similar to Swedish Massage. But did’nt realise that Massage is only one of the realms of Hilot which is categorised into Physical Medicine through its manipulative technique application.

Aside from Massage, Hilot also covers the use of Herbs and Psycho Emotional Counseling through the traditional diagnostic method known as Tawas or what we call as Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System.

Since the Goal of Hilot is to Heal, we heal the person Holistically that touches not only the Physical body of the Client, but as well as the Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Body of the Client.

In order to affect cure, the Hilot Practitioner must also work out on the environmental atmosphere where the client lives so that we may prevent the recurence of the illness from the patient when he or she has been cured.

It is like cleaning up the aquarium tank of the Goldfish so that it will not get sick, so as we as Hilot must also cure the place where our client lives to make our treatment effective.

We do not pamper our client/patient as Hilot, but we teach our client to be responsible in taking care of their health.

In Hilot Academy, we diacourage our graduate to provide Home Service to their client because we dont want to tolerate our clients negligence in caring for their own health. In order for Hilot to heal, we must also teach our client to have discipline.

No Home Service policy

In our effort to professionalize Hilot and Massage in the Philippines, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan through Masa Hilot Center implement the “No home service and walk in policy” to our center and only accomodate client/patient that makes reservation of appointments a week or day before the scheduled treatment session.

This policy will encourage client/patient to be more responsible in taking care of their health by having an appoinment schedule of their hilot treatment.

Hilot as we promote in our Academy is the Traditional and Native Medicine to our land and each client/patient must give outmost value to the treatment modality provided by our Manghihilot.

As Hilot we impart discipline to our patient by encouraging them to give outmost importance to their own health. Like in any other health care profession, people must see manghihilot as a Professional Health Care Provider.

Hilot vs. Ordinary Spa Massage

Yesterday i started my lesson with a comparative overview between having a Spa Massage vs. taking a Hilot Treatment.

Since Spa Massage is a widely popular relaxation services that can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere in the Philippines; so i started my discussion on showing the stages of accomodation in having a spa massage.

First Stage. Booking

Booking a Spa Massage is either by Appointment or Walk In.

Busy people can make appointment schedule by calling the Spa where they will avail their massage.

The convinience of having massage to a spa is that they could perform the massage session either to their center or to the very comfort of your home.

The 2nd statement is true only when you call and book early for a home service massage. Usually it is advised to make reservation a day a head or 5 hours prior to the expected Massage Session.

Walk In

People who want to have massage can avail it anytime they want if they go directly to the Spa Center. They also have the chance to choose their therapist and other amenities to use.

In this stage either by appointment or walk in, the spa receptionist will just get your basic information such as name and contact number. After that they will ask you to sit down as they will prepare the room where the session will conduct.

Second Stage Massage Session

When you enter the Massage, the therapist will give you instruction to undress and lie facing down. And after you do that in a while the therapist will start massage.

Third stage After Care

After an hour of massage, they will ask you to dress up and offer you tea or drinks. But not all spa do that and mostly they will just ask for the payment and leave you an envelope for the tip.

Fourth stage Send off

Usually this is not really a stage but in every massage there is an ending where you just walk away from the spa and go back again to your regular routinary world.

Now, let us take a look when you take a Hilot Treatment.

First Stage Booking

People who want to have Hilot Treatment is through Appointment only. Here in this stage, the Discipline of Hilot is already applied which is the implementation of the Law of Nature which is the value of Time.

Second Stage Accomodation

As soon as you arrive to the Hilot Center you will greeted by the receptionist with a warm welcome which is a part of Hilot Virtues.

You will be offered with water to give refreshment and cleanse your internal organs as well as a foot soaking to prepare you for a deeper treatment session.

In this stage, two modalities of Hilot are already applied and that is the Hilot Orasion and Hilot sa Tubig.

Third Stage TAWAS or Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System (Hilot Diagnostic or method of scanning Illness)

This stage of Hilot takes time like the time spend during the Hilot treatment. In this stage the provider will determine what kind of treatment to apply depending on the result of the diagnosis.

If in ordinary Spa Massage the client decide what kind of treatment to recieve, in Hilot the Provider or Manghihilot decides what treatment to provide for the Client.

Tawas method starts from oral interview or getting relevant information of the Client.

The Manghihilot will ask for the full name of the client and from there the provider will know the elemental composotion and any imbalances in the clients body.

The manghihilot will also analyze not only the physic body of the client but also the emotional, mental, social and the spiritual body.

Activities of the internal organs are being checked also through Pagpupulso.

Upon analyzing the 5 faculties of man, then Hilot Treatment can be determine.

Fourth Stage The Hilot Treatment

Depending on the result of TAWAS, the manghihilot will implement either one or combination of the Hilot Modalities.

Generally, there are Five Division of Hilot Treatment and these are the following:




Orasyon at


The Hilot Wellness Services can be one or combination of the following:





Bulong Pagpag




Fifth Stage After Care

After treatment session, post interview is conducted for feedback. In feedback, the manghihilot will explain his or her findings as he conduct the treatment to client and will give further recommendation.

The manghihilot will provide post care product and make schedule for the next treatment session.