Living Divinely with the Diwata

Everyday, we have this chance to live the Divine Life which is to create and recreate. So at the end of the day, ask our self, what have i created this day? am i happy to what i did? Evaluate the actions you have done? Do God manifest in your life today? Do you become a blessings for other people? If not, do not worry, tomorrow will be a new opportunity to do so. You still have a chance to live a Divine Life.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

Our souls are the expression of our Spirit in order to manifest life within our body. Separating our souls to our body makes it lifeless or dead. Living our life also just to please other people limit us to experience the joy and beauty of life. Our Souls belongs to God our Creator, thus the life that we have right now is the manifestation of the Divine in this Physical realm. God is our Creator, and we as the manifestation God must also work as Co- Creator of the Divine.

Everyday, we have this chance to live the Divine Life which is to create and recreate. So at the end of the day, ask our self, what have i created this day? am i happy to what i did? Evaluate the actions you have done? Do God manifest in your life today? Do you become a blessings for other people?…

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Our Decision allow us to experience

And with this life that we have, our own decision making ability accompany us to live. So do not be afraid to make decision of your own. Your Life is your own. Enjoy it Freely! learn from whatever outcome it may produce.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

Do not worry if you are doing things correctly, it is through our own decision making ability allow us to experience and learn. What matter is we use our own power to choose what we like to do and be bounded for ever just to please other people according to what they want.

In our life, there are things that other people could not have control over us and that is to eat, breathe, and drink for us. We alone could do that for ourselves and we do not need approval of other people in order for us to enjoy that power. We are grateful for our parents by giving us this opportunity to be born in this world that we may have life of our own.

And with this life that we have, our own decision making ability accompany us to live. So do not be afraid to make…

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As we heal our Body we need to strengthen our soul

We have taught that we can not separate our Soul to our body and if it does, death when we heal the physical body from any illness we should also treat our soul to be strengthened.

Many people think that our soul is external part of our existence. But what we do not realize is that our mental intelligence and emotions is the expression of our souls into our being.

When the Physical doctor fix our body by giving medicine, Spiritual doctors must fix also the mind and emotion of the patient. Thus praying for the sick helps fast recovery as you place the patients conscious mind into God’s grace thus developing new hope for the patient to recover past.

With a smile

I know that you are familar with the title of our article today. And to remind you, it derives from the Eraserheads hit song With a Smile!

I was in HighSchool when this song becomes very popular and amazingly it is still a hit for me specially right now that i had stroke. I cant imagine myself having this illness to myself. All i thought only before is I want to understand Stroke so that i could handle it properly with patients. I know i could learn it by reading books or articles in the website but now i am learning and overcoming it through experience.

In relations to the title of this article, luckily my stroke does not affect so much of my actions. except on my first 3 weeks from February 14- it paralyze my left part of my body. my left legs could not move so as my arms and hands. The paralysis reached my left face that makes me to have slurred speech.

I was so down that time and my left part of the body is literally cold and at that time i considered it dead as if your right part of the body is alive and moving while the left part is dead. i want to move it but literally i could not move. i could not even picked my nose using my left finger or wash my butt when i poop. it has no strength to carry a tabo (dipper) or even a glass of water. But in my mind i refuse to be enslaved and be chained by stroke. literally stroke makes you a prisoner within your body that makes you not only limited but totally all your freedom are frozen.

Luckily, i have a companion here in the Shrine. Lakay helps me to be warmed up and battle the coldness that covers my body. With the help of the Diwata through a Hilot Orasyon and pagpapahid, the natural heat of my body has been restored that now i can walk and move my arms. But i am still working out my smile.

Hilot Orasyon: Unlock the Amazing powers of Prayers

Join us on Aoril 13 (Holy Wednesday) from 8 Pm to 10 PM as we share to you the Amazing powers of Prayers through Hilot Orasyon Webinar/ Workshop!

Tap to the Divine powers that runs in your blood and awaken the Divine powers within you.
Learn the secret power of Prayer that empowers our Babaylan ancestors in manifesting desires as well as in Healing.

In this 120 minutes/ 2 hours webinar/workshop you will receive a personal name of Filipino Diwata which you can call as word of power to grant wishes, manifest your desires, personal protection and heal all kind of illness whether it be physical in nature or spiritual.

  1. Learn to activate (Buhayin) their Holy names through personal daily devotion that will strengthen your personal relationship with the Diwata.
    Create Talisman out of the name of your Diwata and obtain its sacred key to make your prayers work.
  2. Learn how to make pondo which you can use in times of great need.
  3. create a poder or shield of protection for you and your love ones.
  4. Learn different ways of communicating with the Diwata, Anito and even with the Engkanto through the Guidance of your personal Diwata

All of these and more is expected to learn from the Binaylan of Luntiang Aghama as it will be presented by Apu Adman ang Lakay Magbaya Aghama.

This webinar will povide you a Certificate of attendance that can be credited when you enroll to Hilot Academy’s Mind and Spirit working class that will lead into Paganituhan or Magtatawas Certification

Energy Exchage: Php 500.00 or USD 10.00
Mode of Payment: Gcash (09952467040) Paypal:

For interested participants kindly download Google Meet App at Playstore if you are going to use your android or IoS.

Life goes on even with Stroke

As Manghihilot, We are not exempted to any form of illness even to Death. I remember my teacher, Dr. Rueben M. Galang Jr. at the School of Alternative Medicine when he died years ago. Many have asked why he died when he is a great doctor and have treated many patients and made them well but was not able to take care of himself. This is the same question that been playing around my mind when my ,mother died 3 years ago. I am a Manghihilot, why i was not able to take care well of my mother. And now, I am a Manghihilot and why you have stroke. When my mother died, I already planned to stop practicing, but people around me in person even at social media encouraged me not to stop but continue what I have started to do. And this time that I’ve got stroke, I already have mentioned that i plan of retiring but my current students and recent graduates have encouraged me to continue.

One of my current student at Non Contact HIlot: Mind and Spirit work have wrote me a letter of encouragement that says:

I am appreciative of the Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and all that I have learned. Apu has helped me connect to my Filipino identity in a way that feels authentic to who I am, my approach to healing, and my passion around decolonization. In learning the historical context of pre-colonial healing, how hilot practitioners were utilized prior to the introduction of western medicine, and how colonization forced manghihilots to hide or assimilate, I found an even deeper reverence for my ancestors and the manghihilot and babaylan who died because of their beliefs. In this course I was able to connect more to my highest, spiritual self, which I have rarely experienced in any other healing modality I’ve learned, even as a reiki practitioner, and especially as a psychotherapist. What feels special about learning hilot is that it brings me great pride to know that this is a healing practice that looks at the person in their entirety, not just the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual, and it all originated from my homeland, the Philippines! Learning and practicing tawas was extremely helpful because I was able to trust my intuition and the unconditional support of my ancestors. I feel a powerful connection to my inner wisdom and feel more confident as a practitioner after I practiced tawas. I have learned to really trust my instincts, when so much of living in America is focused on logic and achievement. I have not had a chance to finish the remaining course lessons and the assignment due on February 27th, but I plan on going through that material this week and weekend. 

WIth teary eyes, i feel that people value my work even if our Government does not recognize it, but at least my little work on our Culture and Tradition have reached out Far and Wide across the Globe.

I am also thankful to the Universe for teaching me personally to experience Stroke that I may know personally how to handle well stroke patients in the Future

Thank you, Apu, for your love, energy, and time and for sharing your wisdom with us. I am eternally grateful. I hope you heal quickly and get the care and support you need. I look forward to perhaps attending another workshop or course you or Likai provide in the future. With love.

I am now a Zombie!

I want to record here the memory when my stroke started as far as i can recall. I know that I and Lakay were craving for Buko Pandan that we asked ka Bheng bheng to make us some in exchange for a meatball spaghetti. So after Lunch i Borrowed my sister motor cycle so that i could withdraw money at atm because i don’t have money at hand. After getting money from atm , we went to cemetery which is just nearby to talk to nanay. We just spend a few minutes with nanay as i talk to nanay, lakay asked if he could learn to drive the motorcycle. so i allow him to practice driving. before going home, we stop by to the grocery to buy ingredients for the meatball. and when we got to tatay’s home i start to cook meatballs then spaghetti.

my tongue rolled back to my throat

it was that day when I start to feel differently, because at that day i start to feel that my legs and hip has no power that i feel that i am being pulled down to the ground. i just ignored that symptoms that i thought i am just tired. so we end up that day happily. and valentines day arrived. On the night of 14th, I start to feel differently, I am about to sleep and sitting in front of the altar to pray then all of the sudden i hear my self differently.

At that night I called Joan immediately together with Lakay, they brought me to Qualimed Hospital and there was given initial diagnosis. They told me at that time I am suffering from Transient Ischemic Attack which is a form pf mini stroke. and was recommended for admission. As i’ve been talked by the admission officer, they told me to be isolated for 7 days without any companion to see if i am clear from Covid19. I refuse their offer because they will charge me Php 30,000.00/ day in order to receive treatment. Well it is obvious why i refuse their treatment because i do not have that amount for a day times 7 days. I really feel bad because i dont have that money just to be treated well. And at that time i already feel that I already die because i am not making enough money that I will be treated well, I really feel bad not only for my self but also to others who do not have money that could pay Php 30,000.00 but at least there is a public hospital that is free. But you have to endure on a long queue before you will be called and be given care. I experience that because I dont have money to pay, so i seek free government service that i endure to have a series of stroke episode before receiving care from medical professional.

FRom Qualimed i ‘ve been diagnosed with MIni stroke then to Sapang Palay Emergency Hospital it become to mild stroke, now that i found a private cklinic doctor it become a full blown stroke.

When a Manghihilot needs Hilot

The image you can see is the thumbnail of my last vlog that i made when i still can speak clearly. But if you will compare it to my previous vlog, you will notice my difficulty of speaking in this vlog.

As manghihilot, I am not only carrying the Healing knowledge from our Ancestors but also am a Culture Bearer.

In this video i teach our viewers our Traditional Divinatory method called Luknit which uses 4 crocodile tooth or 4 tusk of wild boar. Since we dont have that material we use 4 cowry shells instead.

My journey towards this advocacy in preserving our ancestral healing arts is now at risk of being halted due to my personal health problem.

I acknowledge that im not alone in pushing this advocacy on hilot, we still have manong Virgilio Apostol Mayor in San Diego, California who teach Traditional Ablon which is an Ilocano form of Hilot.

I understand that there is a Big expectation from healers like us in terms of handling our personal health. People might think that why you get sick? You are Hilot. Heal your self.

But in fact, we know how to care for ourself, but our compassion is greater than our selfcare, which we choose to set aside our self and give our care and attention to the need of others.

The most common mistake of our local manghihilot is the idea of Divine Service which means that you as manghihilot receive your Gifts of Healing from God so you must give your service to the public for free. And because of that many manghihilot are imprisoned in this idea of self sacrifice for the betterment of the public.

And with that attitude the personal health of a manghihilot is affected. Not only with their physical body but also in their mind and emotion.

Remember they are still humans that are bound with the limitations of the mundane world. Specially those who are still alive today lives in the modern world where money id needed.

So be kind to our manghihilot, they are our healers not only of our physical body but also of our soul. They are just shy to ask as they do not want you to be bothered by their situation.

I am sending my love to all of the living Hilot in this modern times. I can feel you and i am with you.

And thank you to all who send their love to me. I promise, i will work it out to be well as soon as possible.

Mayari na!


How do our Ancestors know what plant to use to provide cure to certain ailments?

How are you fellow Habi? It’s been a while since i made a post here. Well we are expecting new graduate this coming february as two batches will complete the training program on Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Since there are already many graduates who are well versed in communicating with ancestral and divine spirits through tawas, we are planning to open up new training program this year which is the Albularyo Healing Course which will focus on Plant Medicine Spirit.

These week, i have made a vlog at Luntiang Aghama YouTube channel as i reading comments from my viewers, there is one comment that i want to share it here about plant medicine. And the topic would answer the question of:

How our ancestors know which plant to use to provide cure in certain illness?

The video is in Tagalog as i goal out to reach Filipino Audience and encourage them to Learn also the Indigenous Spirituality of our Home Land.

In this video we have mentioned that the Engkanto or the Elemental Spirits were the first creatures being created by the Divine. Through the Engkanto, they become the Ingredients on how we are been created as Human being.

In Hilot the essence of the Engkanto which are the Earth, Air, Fire and Water becomes our being and the Spirit is the one who give us life.

As the Engkanto are the first creation, they become our Elder which in other terms are babaylan. But before mankind was created, the plants were elder to us Human Animals. As the plants becomes food to animal so as to human beings.

Our ancestors use plant not only for food and medicine but also use it for shelter and even clothing. Like us as Human beings, plants are also composed of the Elements.

And the elements within plants can be learned through Hilot sa Halaman. I know i have this book available through our Subscription Page which is at Filipino Magick