New Day means new life

Everyday is a New day that we should be grateful for. Each day brings forth New Life, New Strength, New Hope that will lead us to our own personal happiness in achieving Peace. But each new day that comes in to our life changes us.  It change our Physical Appearance, our Emotional and Mental Maturity and even our Social Standing. These are what the new day is bringing into us everyday. These changes bring us either good things or bad depending on  how we welcome life as it comes to us. These changes that comes to us every day is called Aging  or the process of becoming older. Getting old may bring advantages or disadvantages into a certain individual and again these effect of getting old depends upon the behavior and attitude of the person receiving it. Here is a short film that may explain why our body do age.

From this video we learn that our body is programmed to fade out and die. But it takes time to happen depending on how we treat our body.  Since our Body is the vessel of our life which we enjoy to live, it’s life span depend on the way how we use our body. Like the materials things we bought in the market such as a Smart Phone, each day of use will make its appearance look old. So we practice safety measures to prevent damage on our smart phone as well as adopt a caring behavior so that we may prolong the lifespan of our possession.

Our Physical Body is a temporal possession where life dwells. Life can be eternal if we can possess a body that is also eternal and that is a body that does not fade out and die. Since our body is designed to fade away and die, while we are in this body we should enjoy life and possess a caring attitude that will protect our body from possible damage and harm. We must be mindful always of what we put inside our body and that is from Eating, Drinking and even on Breathing. As we always thought our students in the Academy that whatever comes in to our mouth may benefit of harm the person, and what ever comes out from our mouth may benefit or harm other people soul.

As an individual we are responsible to our own health and life. And to what ever action we do as we live our life might also affect other life as well. Whenever we speak out we utter words that could be heard by other people. And these words you spoken out will be heard by others. And the words you spoke out might give positive or negative results depending on the content of the ideas you express on your words. It is the same thing with the actions you do. It may leave an imprint to the place that will be received to have a positive or negative impact on other people lives.

In Hilot we perform actions such as pagpapahid that will help our patient to strengthen their own healing abilities. We say words of affirmation and empowerment that our patients may use in order for them to attain their personal goals. We introduce to our patients the power of Healing Herbs that can be found in their own backyard or neighborhood so that they could attain their own liberation and freedom. Hilot is not just about Physical Healing and Massage, but it is also an Emotional and Mental reformation so that we could appreciate life and to live more positively and in Harmony with one another in Peace.



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