What kind of oil do we use?

This is an experiment showing the difference between nutritive oil vs. mineral oil that is usually used in Spa and Massage Clinics.

In Hilot Wellness Massage we do apply Nutritive oil such as Virgin Coconut Oil or oil that is rich in nutrients.  The use of oil in Hilot Pahid sequence is not just to lubricate the skin in applying the sequence of Haplos, Hagod, Pisil, Pindot and Piga but it has its own healing properties it self.  We believe that our medicine is not just for topical application but it can also be taken internally. Such as our Binabaylan Healing Oil it can be taken internally and not only applied topically.

Whereas Mineral Oil belongs to the class of chemicals called hydro carbons, which are compounds that is composed of Carbon and Hydrogen. Indeed they have emolient properties because of their low volatility and smoothing texture when applying to the skin and with this it build up barriers to the skin which can clog the pores. Since it  create barriers it damage the skin by increasing water loss.


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