How do our Ancestors know what plant to use to provide cure to certain ailments?

How are you fellow Habi? It’s been a while since i made a post here. Well we are expecting new graduate this coming february as two batches will complete the training program on Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Since there are already many graduates who are well versed in communicating with ancestral and divine spirits through tawas, we are planning to open up new training program this year which is the Albularyo Healing Course which will focus on Plant Medicine Spirit.

These week, i have made a vlog at Luntiang Aghama YouTube channel as i reading comments from my viewers, there is one comment that i want to share it here about plant medicine. And the topic would answer the question of:

How our ancestors know which plant to use to provide cure in certain illness?

The video is in Tagalog as i goal out to reach Filipino Audience and encourage them to Learn also the Indigenous Spirituality of our Home Land.

In this video we have mentioned that the Engkanto or the Elemental Spirits were the first creatures being created by the Divine. Through the Engkanto, they become the Ingredients on how we are been created as Human being.

In Hilot the essence of the Engkanto which are the Earth, Air, Fire and Water becomes our being and the Spirit is the one who give us life.

As the Engkanto are the first creation, they become our Elder which in other terms are babaylan. But before mankind was created, the plants were elder to us Human Animals. As the plants becomes food to animal so as to human beings.

Our ancestors use plant not only for food and medicine but also use it for shelter and even clothing. Like us as Human beings, plants are also composed of the Elements.

And the elements within plants can be learned through Hilot sa Halaman. I know i have this book available through our Subscription Page which is at Filipino Magick

Why do we call our recipient as Patient?

Patient Tatay Ricardo of Fairview, QC

Last September 24, 2019 i accept the case of Tatay Ricardo who suffered from¬† CVA or stroke. It’s been already a year when the Family met me and try my service. Before me tatay rick had undergone Physical Therapy sessions and have acquired services from massage therapist who do home service. He even got burn when one of the therapist they hire give him a hot stone massage to awaken his nerves and blood vessels. Instead of getting well he got injury. I assessed his condition by asking some question. He could speak up well and the words he utters are understandable. He describe and demonstrated that he could not move his left part of the body from the upper arms and lower leg but his right side of the body are working well. After knowing every details i need to know, i started calling back the lost soul of tatay ricardo to be one with his body again. I apply the Binabaylan Healing oil and do the 5 elemental hilot manipulation to awaken his nerves and blood vessels. I also touch the healthy part of his body in order to assist the flow of life force in his body to create balance.¬† At first there is so much radiating pain as a response to every healing touch i made. This signifies that his body is alive and responding to every touch i made. After a few stroke i ask tatay rick to describe the severity of the pain and thankfully in every movement the pain lessen until there was none.

In healing with Hilot, there must be 3 elements always present in every session:

  1. Faith in God
  2. Faith in the Healing of Hilot
  3. Faith in your Self.

We acknowledge God in every healing session we make in Hilot as we believe that God is the ultimate source of Healing as he is also the source of Life. Secondly we believe that as Manghihilot, we are the channel of the Divine Blessings of God to heal all illnesses known to mankind and to maintain the Life Force Flowing through all creation; and lastly, the individual must also believe and trust their own ability to be healed and they must also be willing to participate in God’s power to Re Create life within us. The Patient and the Manghihilot acts as God’s Co Creator in Re Creating Life within the patient. The healing of hilot does not always take effect instantaneously. It also requires the element of time in order to create the artwork of life beautifully in our life.

As Manghihilot we call our recipient as Patient because it really require patience on both side in order for the healing effect take place. And here we can see that as Manghihilot, we just don’t give massage for relaxation because we do not pamper our patients but instead we teach them to be responsible in their own health. Now let us take a look at Tatay Ricardo as he progress with our Hilot Session for 3 months.