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Defining Hilot according to Filipino living abroad Part 1

This pandemic of Coronavirus, staying at home and physical distancing made us to utilize more the available resources that we have such as the use of our laptop, desktop and mobile device to learn our cultural pride which is at the same time our very own Traditional Healing Arts and Science that we know as Hilot. It is a struggle

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Suob Treatment becomes trending in Cebu City

From the start of this Pandemic of Covid 19, all medical and even the para medical community are working as one in finding cure to stop the spread of covid 19 all over the world. And different countries have their own local version of preventive medicine so that they will not catch the infection of Covid 19. Here in the

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My First Patient

From the very start i earned my Degree as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, my parents have become my First Patient. They become my treatment model specially my mother. Through nanay, i earned many referals and recommendation from her friends that made me to commit full time in this profession. I started healing patients with simple cases such as headache, stiff

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Dance with my Nanay

After a month of recovery from Multiple Stroke and Hip Replacement Surgery, this valentine of 2019 nanay could stand and walk again with minimum assistance. We recognize the help of modern medicine integrated with Traditional Hilot to achieve full potential of Holistic Healing. Modern Diagnostic and surgical procedures in repairing or replacing the damage part of the patients body and

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