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RICE in Pilay Tapilok (Sprain)

Hilot is the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines. It is the traditional cure for the illness known as Pilay. Pilay has many form but it literally means Brokenness. According to, Broken means forcibly separated into two or more pieces; it also means fractured. Pilay is the most appropriate term to use rather than sakit which describes pain as a symptom

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Hilot is giving Hope

People come to manghihilot to seek not only for a cure but also answers to their question about the situation that is happening into their life. Most of the practitioner of Hilot are uneducated without degree but people still seek for their help because the Professionals and the Educated have withdrawn their help to them because of the unexplainable situation

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Hilot Tapilok

Yesterday during my class in Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan after demonstration of Hilot Pahid, a girl and a guy knocked on the door and look for a manghihilot who can work on a tapilok or sprained foot. Lakay welcome the guest and patient as i prepare my self facing them. The guy got his sprained ankle after an accident

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