Carromancy: Divination using melted candle wax

I learn this method of Tawas Diagnostic/Divination as I grew Up. I see Magtatawas perform this to determine the cause of illness of an Individual and uses the water to rub on the skin of the client as a remedy and the melted wax is kept on a paper and was used as an Amulet.

It is said that this form of Divination is not of Filipino Origin as it is believed that it is rooted in Celtic Tradition with the Druids. When I searched on the Internet the oldest candle factory in the Philippines, I found the Sevilla Candle Factory of Malabon that started its operation of manufacturing candles on 1964. Now I wonder if the Katipunero’s use Candles or Just an Oil Lamp? Is the use of candle been introduced to us by Spain? Uhm… there are many works to do in discovering our roots even with just little information.

jamee pineda: our hilot binabaylan of maryland, usa

I sent out questionnaire’s to our graduates asking them how are they and I also have expressed my desire to know their current practice of Hilot in their area and one of the earliest respondent is Jamee Pineda. Let us all read now his story:

Who are you or what do you do before you study with us in Hilot Academy? 

I am a hilot binabaylan, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner. My practice is informed by my identity as a queer, trans, non binary, Tagalog person living in the U.S. With the combination of my lived experience and training, my goal is to help individuals and communities live their fullest lives by offering a decolonizing approach to medicine rooted in traditional and ancestral practices.

What makes you decide to study Hilot?

I study hilot because I want to connect to my ancestral medicine. I am committed to decolonizing medicine and uplifting the traditions of my people.

What are the lessons you have learned in the Academy that you have treasured most and why?

There are so many lessons that I cannot write them all here. One of them was to train and trust my intuition and deepen my spiritual connections.

How do you incorporate the lessons and skills that you have acquired in the academy to your professional skills that you already have? 

With hilot I am able to offer more spiritual and social help to people. The folks that have come to me for this work want to connect to their ancestors more and develop their spiritual growth.

Do you have a remarkable experience as you practice the skills in providing hilot treatment to your client either using tawas or hilot pahid/ massage? Can you share it with us?

The accuracy of doing tawas and kilubansa is always remarkable to me. I have had instances where I will describe someone’s medical condition without prior knowledge and then the person will confirm it. For example, one reading I did showed me a neck, nose, skin, chickens, and pelvis. The person then confirmed that they had nasal blockage, neck pain, rashes from eating chicken, and they had abnormal results in a pelvic exam.

As we continue our conversation, Jamee is currently doing Teleconsultation, all of his services can be found on his website which you can visit by clicking on the link: Jamee Pineda, LAc Healing Arts.

Check him out as he provides Virtual Hilot Ritual Readings on Tawas and Kilubansa. Most of Jamee’s medicine is to help individuals and communities to live their lives to the fullest by offering  a decolonizing approach to medicine rooted in traditional and ancestral practices.

Hilot Recipe works wonder

I was able to talk to a friend yesterday from overseas and she mention that her mother is ill. I ask her what kind of illness that struck her mother and she told me that her mother is having difficulty to walk due to constant numbness of both of her legs.

I do distant tawas on her to see what the cause of her illness. And this is what I saw. As the oil drips as i introduce it to the flame of candles, it forms an intestine. As i finish the ritual, the smoke attached to the paper formed the image of a girl that has black spot on her chest. I tell her the situation of having emotional disturbance that she confirm to me to be right. I also mention the intestine that i saw that might cause her irritation. She confirms that she also have difficulty in her bowel movement that i made me land to provide recommendation of using Coconut Milk and Carrots as a remedy for 7 days which she will take on alternate days.

It means if she take the coconut milk with carrots juice today, tomorrow she will not take it but on the other day until she complete 7 intake of the recipe. And today as she does it, she message me with her testimony. ( I hide her identity as part of client privacy. I do not usually expose the names of my client or patient even with consent. This is part of the sacredness of our practice in hilot.)

In this situation of Pandemic, we as manghihilot are not hindered to provide our care to people who need our services. We can still provide our wisdom to people who needs for it. So if you need our help, you can also connect with us by contacting Apu Adman Aghama through his mobile number at +639952467040 or email at

Mindful Eating Habbit

I don’t exactly remember the phrase my teacher told me about having good health. As i remember it, the late Dr. Rueben M. Galang Jr. have told me that “good health starts in the pan”. Well what he mean is that the food that we eat affects our health and it is as we get our daily nutritional needs from the food that we eat.

Many of us loves to eat. And eating was the very first lessons that we have learn as a human. Though to be true to our self it was sucking milk from our mother’s breast was the earliest form of feeding that we have learn. As it is said that breast milk contains all of the essential nutrients, antibodies, and other factors that a new born babies need for growth and development.

As grown up we are not limited anymore in eating the food we want. Aside from the nutritional supply we receive from eating, it also becomes a reward system for us or even a stress reliever. We include food in all occasion and activities of our life. But now-a-days, food has been also become a tool of protest that people promote such as being Vegetarian or Vegan. Though i am not a vegan but i respect them when they are with me by preparing food that they will eat in a vegan style. But whether you eat pure vegetable or meat or combination of both, it is our digestive system that work out to convert the food to be a source of nutrition and energy to our body. As each of us enjoy our individual differences, we should also be mindful of our digestive health.

Yakult Everyday makes our Tummy Okay!

Yakult was the earliest food supplement that i take everyday when i was a child. I believe everyone who was born on the ’70s know yakult. And now-a-days when you go to 7-eleven you will find a contemporary of Yakult which is the Delight and Go Long Cultured Milk. All of these are Probiotic Beverages.

But what is probiotic?

Probiotics are (good bacteria) live micro organism that can provide numerous health benefits such as improved digestion, enhanced immune function, healthier skin and weight loss. All of these are due to the work of probiotics in balancing the activities of the Bad Bacteria which is inside our body that can be found in our gut or tummy. As Human Being aside from the organs, tissues and cells that can be found inside our body there are also numerous bacteria that dwells within us. And the Probiotic are the one who balances it.

According to Healthline, Probiotics provide us health benefits such as:

  • Reduce systemic inflammation
  • reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • lower total bad cholesterol level
  • Improve blood pressure
  • enhance immune function
  • useful for skin health

Being mindful to what we eat will help us to obtain optimum health and wellness. As we strive to live our life in a healthy manner, it should not be too expensive. You can see Probiotic products that you can buy in the market, but these micro organism can be found in nature which you can get for free. There are probiotic formulas available which you can make at home without buying expensive ingredients. The art of fermentation is also one way of culturing live microorganism or good bacteria that is probiotic in nature.

If you want to learn on how to make a Probiotic Beverages and food let us know by filling up the form below.


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What is in the Glass?

img20200125175006_01It’s an broken egg with its yolk on the base of the glass while the albumen floats and create images.

This is an Egg Tawas. Our Mexican #Kapwa Curanderos does this too in their Limpia Ritual. So as in Italy they do this once a Year at the Eve of the Feast of Saint Peter.

Aside from Tawas, Hilot Academy also teach how to remove sick energies using the Egg. So we invite you to learn this technique by enrolling to our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training which is an 8 day stay in training at Hilot Academy.

RICE in Pilay Tapilok (Sprain)

HILOT TAPILOKHilot is the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines. It is the traditional cure for the illness known as Pilay. Pilay has many form but it literally means Brokenness. According to, Broken means forcibly separated into two or more pieces; it also means fractured.

Pilay is the most appropriate term to use rather than sakit which describes pain as a symptom of pilay.Sprain or Tapilok is one form of Pilay as a result of action of man in breaking the natural and universal law. It is a wrench or twist of the ligaments of (an ankle, wrist or joint) violently so as to cause pain and swelling but not dislocation.

As a First Aid, Medical professional advise the public to do the RICE treatment.

*Rest by avoiding activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort.
* Ice. use an ice pack or ice slush bath immediately for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat every two to three hours while you’re awake.
*Compression. To help stop swelling, compress the ankle with an elastic bandage until the swelling stops. Don’t hinder circulation by wrapping too tightly. Begin wrapping at the end farthest from your heart.
*Elevation. To reduce swelling, elevate your ankle above the level of your heart, especially at night. Gravity helps reduce swelling by draining excess fluid.

In Philippine Traditional Medicine, we provide Hilot Treatment to the feet to help revive the wellness of the foot from Sprain. Schedule your Visit with us by call or texting us at this number:

+639480177571 (Smart/ Sun/ TnT) or +639952467040 (Globe/ TM)

Habi Experience of Tawas Healing

TAWAS HEALINGHilot Academy of Binabaylan now offers to the Public to experience our very own Healing Modality which you can avail either online or in person.

Tawas Healing is Filipino Indigenous Healing modality that aims to provide cure on a soul level. As we believe that life and health is the harmony of the soul into its body. When a person is sick it is believed that one of its soul wonder away and tawas would bring back the wondering soul into the body in order to restore wellness or Kaginhawaan.

Avail now of our Hilot Service by making a schedule to visit us or an appointment for your distant healing request.

Email us at you may call or text us at +639952467040 or +639480177571.

Hilot is giving Hope

People come to manghihilot to seek not only for a cure but also answers to their question about the situation that is happening into their life. Most of the practitioner of Hilot are uneducated without degree but people still seek for their help because the Professionals and the Educated have withdrawn their help to them because of the unexplainable situation that is happening to them.

I have come to many doctors already but those medical professionals can’t see and explain what is wrong with me.

62461517_512093125994518_7902590187979407360_nTo a manghihilot, we know everything that is happening in this world has an Explanation but some explanation are unacceptable to the degree holders and the educated that is why they are rejecting patients who are suffering from the mystical illness. But in fact, people who suffer from this mystical illness already have their own cure and this is where the Hilot Orasyon will take place.

Orasyon is literally mean Prayer. And Prayer is the natural ability of every individual to communicate with the Divine. In ancient times Prayers are directed to the Divinity, Nature Spirits and Ancestral Spirits which were collectively called as Anito. In modern times the Divinity has been called as the Diwata, a term we obtain through the Indian influence for Deva which pertains to the Divine. While Engkanto is a Spanish term which means enchanted that refers to the Nature Spirit and the Anito which now we termed for the Ancestral Spirits. Aside from communicating with the Divinity, Nature Spirit and Ancestral Spirit; prayer can also be directed in communicating with ones Higher Self such as our belief that each individual possess 7 souls.

0106b0467104f653b5b2218f1062f5d4Hilot believe that one cause of illness of man is due to one or many of  our soul wonder away while we are sleeping; or sometimes when we encounter traumatic experience such as in a fight or argument, one of our soul moves away thus we have the illness called “Usog” which literally means move. When this happen, the Family of the Patient will come to a manghihilot to perform tawas diagnostic and the Pauli ritual. Pauli or Uwi ritual aims to call back the wondering soul back to its physical body. In doing this ritual, the Manghihilot will call to the wondering soul of the patient and communicate with it and comfort the soul and make it secured that it will not leave its physical body.  As the soul agree to come back, the manghihilot will perfom pagpag to tap away some negative and dirty energy that the soul have accumulated or gathered as it wonders away and afterwards will do the padampi ritual.

Possessing ones own soul gives the individual hope and security that having all of his/her soul, the individual could make most of his/her life to the fullest. To learn and experience about this modality of Hilot, you may contact Apu Adman Aghama by sending an email to or contact him at +639952467040.

tawas apu

Hilot Tapilok

Yesterday during my class in Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan after demonstration of Hilot Pahid, a girl and a guy knocked on the door and look for a manghihilot who can work on a tapilok or sprained foot. Lakay welcome the guest and patient as i prepare my self facing them.

The guy got his sprained ankle after an accident during playing basketball. I checked on his foot and its swelling. I touched by applying gentle pindot to see the severity of pain and also check his pulse for the organs that been affected by the incident.

After checking, i started applying the elemental touch manipulation and drain out the accumulated water in the achiles area through repetitive hagod and pisil by lifting some muscle tissues until popping sound will accur and release the pain.

After several minutes of manipulation i ask patient to move his foot if there is pain. I ask him to stand and try to walk if there is pain. Then as final touch i ask him to stand and manipulate his hip and leg area while standing, then… He stand up and walk without sign of pain.

I ended the session by wrapping his foot with turmeric leaf as he wear his sock on advising not to wet foot for 8 hours.

The patient promise to come back and refer some friends for session.

Hilot Academy also help couples who has problem in making babies and treat the couples with our Fertility Hilot by schedule.

For appointment of your visit, you may text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040.

Binat: The post partum blues

Last night meeting with the core group of manghihilot as we worked on correcting some learning outcome for Hilot Wellness Training Standards, we have talked about Suob as remedy for Binat.

It has been discussed that Binat is a condition of woman after delivering a child that might affect her mental health. As it has been described that during pregnancy, the expectant mother have beem used to have carrying the weight of the baby in her body and after delivery, her body is adjusting for the sudden weight loss.

As i see it and can be likened into jet lag of traveling from east to west crossing the time line, our body is adjustimg to the climate difference and as well to our body clock.

With these sudden changes, our body works to adopt on the situation. And if our body doesnt adjust, it give us an uncomfortable condition that we can equate to illness.

Herbal Suob can provide relief on that condition whether be it dry or moist, as it works on stimulating our nerve endings through the heat it produces and the nerves works to asjust on the internal organs to adopt the present condition.