Energy Medicine

Science have defined Energy as the ability to do work; it is not created nor can be destroyed but can change form. As Human being we are energetic body that has shape and form. But there are times that our existence and energetic body got weak due to illness.

Hilot is an Energy Medicine that transform the flow of energy within our body. Our energetic body transform through time that needs to maintain it flow.

The flow of Life Force which keep us alive must be kept moving; and when it slow down it makes us weak.

The flow of energy or life force slow down due to blockages. These blockages may be in a form of emotional or mental disturbance.

These blockages can be equated into negative energy that make it flow slow down. But Hilot through its different modalities used in healing will bring back the natural flow of life force into your being and transform illness into wellness.

Visit your manghihilot today for a consultation and healing session.

For schedule of appointment, you may text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or you may drop at Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan Center at 157 K3 road, Kamuning, Quezon City.

Binabaylan Hilot

I am Hilot. And what i do is to take care of peoples health according to the traditional and natural ways that our ancestors have taught us to do. I can be a teacher of Hilot, and teach hilot using verbal instructions and demonstration.

I could help people to align their thoughts into their actions through the help of tawas and help fix their physical body through the use of pahid hilot.

I can prepare herbal concoction to a person to fix their emotions that will also align to their body and mind.

As Hilot i can be your confidant. You can tell me what bothers in your mind and the content of your heart and i can give you advise according to what our ancestors have taught us.

I can spend time with you if you need me, but be mindful also that as manghihilot we have our own lives to live.

We are Hilot and we do not know how to earn money except to the gifts that we have in healing.

We can take out your pain and sufferings away from you to improve your life. But in return we also expect an energy exchange that will equate to the value of your life.

Help us to help you and in return both end will benefit from hilot.

If you are interested to avail my service, you can contact me at +639952467040

Oil Paper and Candle

Tawas is an amazing modality where the manghihilot utilize to determine not only the cause of ill but also the type of illness a person is suffering.

Illness as modern people concieve it to be as a condition of the physical body when it is not well.

In tawas aside from the physical condition and limitation, it shows also the emotional and mental condition of the patient who undergo tawas session.

The oil paper and candle are the medium of manghihilot in performing tawas ritual and from the images that form in the ritual is the one manghihilot use to read and interpret the problem that needs solution.

Tawas is learnable and doable.

To learn Tawas you may call or text us for the details of schedule and fee for our course of training at +639952467040 or email us at

Baby Care

New born baby needs a lot of attention. Time and effort of caring for the needs of the baby is a must to sustain the life force within the body of the baby.

Hilot helps doing that. Each parents must be hands on in giving love and care to their own baby.

To learn Hilot for Baby Care, please contact us at +639952467040 or email us at

Paper Tawas

Last night i recieve a text message from a certain person who ask for distant diagnosis and healing. That person think that he was afflicted of Kulam. He just provide his full name and birthdate without telling any of his condition.

I am writing the result of the tawas here because that person doesnt leave any other contact details except for the phone number he used. It is much better if he have contacted me through facebook messenger so that i can send him the result and have explained to him what had happened during the session.

As i made the tawas ritual, the image above have formed. It shows an image of a head slightly tilted to the right. Upon observing on the details i see some facial deformity. It seems to me according to the image, the subject of the tawas is suffering from facial paralysis due to the inflamation and swelling of glands that can be found near the neck and ears. I also see some problem on the chest or lungs that makes the person to have difficulty in breathing. As i observe further on the image, i see a shape of bile and liver.

All of what i mention above are some of the physical conditions. But all of the above physical conditions have a corressponding emotional and mental conditions. To know more about tawas, you may contact me at +639952467040.

Be reminded that all of our services has corresponding fee as energy exchange.

Distant Healing

A friend asking for help for a friend who is at the hospital. I ask what had happened and this is what happened:

Right now rashes all over body and lump in throat. She is in hospital, is fine and doctor’s cannot diagnose of course. Her mother too, strange illnesses

In this situation, the person involve is living off the shore distantly from me. We only communicate through social media. I ask for the patient name and birthday and started to work.

The person is asking for diagnostic so i do our traditional diagnostic method. I write the patient name on a piece of paper and pass it over to the flame of lighted candle.

Then as i do the procedure, this is what i saw:

Her mind and her energetic body is clouded with darkness that affects and make her liver spleen and pancreas affected.

There is a sign of slippery feet that make her life so difficult.

Ill wish of failure Of not arriving to the place where she should be in now…

Though all of these words are only impression from the image that been formed as i connect my self to the psyche of the patient. But the friend who ask told me.

Thank you for your urgent help and assistance! I look forward to learning with you in the future! Salamat! Your reading was accurate.

With these, we welcome request from anyone around the world for distant healing ang diagnosis.

Just get in touch with me Apu Adman Aghama through facebook or Instagram or you may email me at or text and call me @ +639952467040 this is the same number for my whatsapp account.

Healing our Home

It is not enough to set up therapeutic environment without cleaning and healing it. Personal Healing must also extend to the environment and also to the Community where we live.

If we cleanse and heal the person without cleaning and healing the environment where that person lives, the illness will come back and the healing you provide will be of no use.

Illness of human being does not only comes from infection due to bacteria or viruses, but also due to emotional, mental and social aspects.

Hilot provides Holistic Healing to ensure optimum health and wellness of the patient. Massage will only relieve pain of the Body, but hilot will provide cure not only to the Physical body but as well as to the mind, emotion and spirit.

Be healed and ask a Hilot Binabaylan by having an appointment with us.

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Holistic HealingApproach

More and more people need the work of Binabaylan in this modern world. Relief from stress is not enough now-a-days, what is needed is to pin point the cause of illness and deal with it properly.

Spiritual Guidance and Psycho Emotional Balancing is essential factor to achieve holistic healing.

For consultation appointment, contact us through text or call at 09952467040 or email us at

Pre Natal Hilot

Before Massage Therapy adopts the sequence of Pre Natal pregnancy massage, our Manghihilot does it already.

Long time ago in the absence of Medical Professional, our Manghihilot takes the role of HeathCare experts.

People come to Hilot for all kinds of ailments. New couples that could not have baby will ask hilot to fix the conception problem of the couples not only to the woman but also to man.

During pregnancy after the first trimester, the expectant mother will come to hilot to relieve the pregnancy pain and also prevent the “pagka suhi” in delivery.

During the delivery, the Manghihilot is also there to attend on the birthing of the child.

Indeed, the role of the manhihilot in Family life is always visible because the manghihilot is always present from the conception, delivery, growing up, maturity, and even upto death.

If you want to learn Pre Natal Care employed by Hilot, kindly send us an email at or call and text us at +639952467040 for training schedules and appointment.

Natural Treatment

As Hilot we believe that our body is communicating to us when we get sick. Getting sick is an indicator that we are abusing our body from many different kind of stressor. This is the reason why Bodyworkers would ask you to have ralaxation through their treatment because your body is very stressed and got chronic abuse from the stressors.

Also in Hilot we believe that when we get sick, our body has the ability to repair and heal our self from illness. So if the person got sick and that person has the ability to fix and be healed why need to see manghihilot?

Indeed that our body has the ability to fix and be healed, but the work of manghihilot to the sick person is to hasten up the recovery period of the person suffering from ailment. Manghihilot uses Natural and Non Imvasive Treatment modality that will alleviate pain, hasten recovery and enhance the sense of relaxation of the patient/client to obtain 100% healing from illness.

Relaxation can be the cheapest way to recover from an illness. Because in relaxation, the manghihilot will pull you out from the situation that gives you stress and fix the part of you that been damaged by your stressor. By fixing the part of you that been damaged, you will feel that you become a new person because of the deep relaxation provided to you by your manghihilot.

Pain from Hilot is just an initial reaction of your body. But as the manghihilot continues to work out on your situation, the areas that being work out will become smooth and soothing as it relieves the deep pain that been stucked up inside your body.