Oil Paper and Candle

Tawas is an amazing modality where the manghihilot utilize to determine not only the cause of ill but also the type of illness a person is suffering.

Illness as modern people concieve it to be as a condition of the physical body when it is not well.

In tawas aside from the physical condition and limitation, it shows also the emotional and mental condition of the patient who undergo tawas session.

The oil paper and candle are the medium of manghihilot in performing tawas ritual and from the images that form in the ritual is the one manghihilot use to read and interpret the problem that needs solution.

Tawas is learnable and doable.

To learn Tawas you may call or text us for the details of schedule and fee for our course of training at +639952467040 or email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com


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