Hilot Tapilok

Yesterday during my class in Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan after demonstration of Hilot Pahid, a girl and a guy knocked on the door and look for a manghihilot who can work on a tapilok or sprained foot. Lakay welcome the guest and patient as i prepare my self facing them.

The guy got his sprained ankle after an accident during playing basketball. I checked on his foot and its swelling. I touched by applying gentle pindot to see the severity of pain and also check his pulse for the organs that been affected by the incident.

After checking, i started applying the elemental touch manipulation and drain out the accumulated water in the achiles area through repetitive hagod and pisil by lifting some muscle tissues until popping sound will accur and release the pain.

After several minutes of manipulation i ask patient to move his foot if there is pain. I ask him to stand and try to walk if there is pain. Then as final touch i ask him to stand and manipulate his hip and leg area while standing, then… He stand up and walk without sign of pain.

I ended the session by wrapping his foot with turmeric leaf as he wear his sock on advising not to wet foot for 8 hours.

The patient promise to come back and refer some friends for session.

Hilot Academy also help couples who has problem in making babies and treat the couples with our Fertility Hilot by schedule.

For appointment of your visit, you may text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040.


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