Hilot is now in New York

It was a quick notice from an Am Pinay who was born in Bantayan City, Cebu, Philippines who have seen our website and booked a one-on-one workshop in Hilot Pahid; and i am so proud to introduce to everyone our newest member in the family of Hilot Academy.

Her name is Khokhoi who is a performing artist researcher on Philippine Culture and arts. She already have a background on natural healing and she choose to learn our very own native and tradional healing arts and science of Hilot.

We started our lesson by telling her story about the Angono Binangonan Petroglyphs which is dated back from neolithic age or around 2000 BC which shows a wall curving of stick images of man that according to researcher is believed to be the earliest method of healing. By curving the images of the patient on the cave wall, it is believed that the illness of the patient will be transfered to the limestone and the patient will be healed. After telling this story, we have demonstrated the art of Tawas Diagnosis which may relate to the principles of the petroglyphs.

Then after we perform tawas, khokhoi experience the hilot pahid and after an hour of treatment she fell asleep. Khokhoi have been relaxed and relieved her tension from the jetlog she had from travelling long hours. Her body recieved adjustment and restore her bodily function. Then i demonstrate the 5 elemental manipulative strokes as she do it in return.

As she completed the demonstration, i introduce her to ms. Grace Sanico of Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan and I Steps Inc.

Amd through Ms. Grace we award her certificate and welcome her as newest member of the Academy.

Then on our last hour, we have shared some knowledge of herbal hilot and introduce to her some local herbs that are available in the garden.


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