Binabaylan Hilot

I am Hilot. And what i do is to take care of peoples health according to the traditional and natural ways that our ancestors have taught us to do. I can be a teacher of Hilot, and teach hilot using verbal instructions and demonstration.

I could help people to align their thoughts into their actions through the help of tawas and help fix their physical body through the use of pahid hilot.

I can prepare herbal concoction to a person to fix their emotions that will also align to their body and mind.

As Hilot i can be your confidant. You can tell me what bothers in your mind and the content of your heart and i can give you advise according to what our ancestors have taught us.

I can spend time with you if you need me, but be mindful also that as manghihilot we have our own lives to live.

We are Hilot and we do not know how to earn money except to the gifts that we have in healing.

We can take out your pain and sufferings away from you to improve your life. But in return we also expect an energy exchange that will equate to the value of your life.

Help us to help you and in return both end will benefit from hilot.

If you are interested to avail my service, you can contact me at +639952467040


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