Energy Medicine

Science have defined Energy as the ability to do work; it is not created nor can be destroyed but can change form. As Human being we are energetic body that has shape and form. But there are times that our existence and energetic body got weak due to illness.

Hilot is an Energy Medicine that transform the flow of energy within our body. Our energetic body transform through time that needs to maintain it flow.

The flow of Life Force which keep us alive must be kept moving; and when it slow down it makes us weak.

The flow of energy or life force slow down due to blockages. These blockages may be in a form of emotional or mental disturbance.

These blockages can be equated into negative energy that make it flow slow down. But Hilot through its different modalities used in healing will bring back the natural flow of life force into your being and transform illness into wellness.

Visit your manghihilot today for a consultation and healing session.

For schedule of appointment, you may text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or you may drop at Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan Center at 157 K3 road, Kamuning, Quezon City.


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