Binat: The post partum blues

Last night meeting with the core group of manghihilot as we worked on correcting some learning outcome for Hilot Wellness Training Standards, we have talked about Suob as remedy for Binat.

It has been discussed that Binat is a condition of woman after delivering a child that might affect her mental health. As it has been described that during pregnancy, the expectant mother have beem used to have carrying the weight of the baby in her body and after delivery, her body is adjusting for the sudden weight loss.

As i see it and can be likened into jet lag of traveling from east to west crossing the time line, our body is adjustimg to the climate difference and as well to our body clock.

With these sudden changes, our body works to adopt on the situation. And if our body doesnt adjust, it give us an uncomfortable condition that we can equate to illness.

Herbal Suob can provide relief on that condition whether be it dry or moist, as it works on stimulating our nerve endings through the heat it produces and the nerves works to asjust on the internal organs to adopt the present condition.


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