Hilot is giving Hope

People come to manghihilot to seek not only for a cure but also answers to their question about the situation that is happening into their life. Most of the practitioner of Hilot are uneducated without degree but people still seek for their help because the Professionals and the Educated have withdrawn their help to them because of the unexplainable situation that is happening to them.

I have come to many doctors already but those medical professionals can’t see and explain what is wrong with me.

62461517_512093125994518_7902590187979407360_nTo a manghihilot, we know everything that is happening in this world has an Explanation but some explanation are unacceptable to the degree holders and the educated that is why they are rejecting patients who are suffering from the mystical illness. But in fact, people who suffer from this mystical illness already have their own cure and this is where the Hilot Orasyon will take place.

Orasyon is literally mean Prayer. And Prayer is the natural ability of every individual to communicate with the Divine. In ancient times Prayers are directed to the Divinity, Nature Spirits and Ancestral Spirits which were collectively called as Anito. In modern times the Divinity has been called as the Diwata, a term we obtain through the Indian influence for Deva which pertains to the Divine. While Engkanto is a Spanish term which means enchanted that refers to the Nature Spirit and the Anito which now we termed for the Ancestral Spirits. Aside from communicating with the Divinity, Nature Spirit and Ancestral Spirit; prayer can also be directed in communicating with ones Higher Self such as our belief that each individual possess 7 souls.

0106b0467104f653b5b2218f1062f5d4Hilot believe that one cause of illness of man is due to one or many of  our soul wonder away while we are sleeping; or sometimes when we encounter traumatic experience such as in a fight or argument, one of our soul moves away thus we have the illness called “Usog” which literally means move. When this happen, the Family of the Patient will come to a manghihilot to perform tawas diagnostic and the Pauli ritual. Pauli or Uwi ritual aims to call back the wondering soul back to its physical body. In doing this ritual, the Manghihilot will call to the wondering soul of the patient and communicate with it and comfort the soul and make it secured that it will not leave its physical body.  As the soul agree to come back, the manghihilot will perfom pagpag to tap away some negative and dirty energy that the soul have accumulated or gathered as it wonders away and afterwards will do the padampi ritual.

Possessing ones own soul gives the individual hope and security that having all of his/her soul, the individual could make most of his/her life to the fullest. To learn and experience about this modality of Hilot, you may contact Apu Adman Aghama by sending an email to hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or contact him at +639952467040.

tawas apu


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