Paper Tawas

Last night i recieve a text message from a certain person who ask for distant diagnosis and healing. That person think that he was afflicted of Kulam. He just provide his full name and birthdate without telling any of his condition.

I am writing the result of the tawas here because that person doesnt leave any other contact details except for the phone number he used. It is much better if he have contacted me through facebook messenger so that i can send him the result and have explained to him what had happened during the session.

As i made the tawas ritual, the image above have formed. It shows an image of a head slightly tilted to the right. Upon observing on the details i see some facial deformity. It seems to me according to the image, the subject of the tawas is suffering from facial paralysis due to the inflamation and swelling of glands that can be found near the neck and ears. I also see some problem on the chest or lungs that makes the person to have difficulty in breathing. As i observe further on the image, i see a shape of bile and liver.

All of what i mention above are some of the physical conditions. But all of the above physical conditions have a corressponding emotional and mental conditions. To know more about tawas, you may contact me at +639952467040.

Be reminded that all of our services has corresponding fee as energy exchange.


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