When a Hilot Binabaylan meets Death

Every moment death happen among us and we see healers struggle with death every now and then. We may know someone who can prolong life of an individual but until when can life stay within the body.

This 7th of November 2021, students of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will gather to an online conference as we will discuss the different forms of Death and the condition of the person on which we give in to Death.

If you are an alumni of the academy, and want to participate to our discussion, kindly email me at apuadman@hilotacademy.com

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Carromancy: Divination using melted candle wax

I learn this method of Tawas Diagnostic/Divination as I grew Up. I see Magtatawas perform this to determine the cause of illness of an Individual and uses the water to rub on the skin of the client as a remedy and the melted wax is kept on a paper and was used as an Amulet.

It is said that this form of Divination is not of Filipino Origin as it is believed that it is rooted in Celtic Tradition with the Druids. When I searched on the Internet the oldest candle factory in the Philippines, I found the Sevilla Candle Factory of Malabon that started its operation of manufacturing candles on 1964. Now I wonder if the Katipunero’s use Candles or Just an Oil Lamp? Is the use of candle been introduced to us by Spain? Uhm… there are many works to do in discovering our roots even with just little information.

Tuon Mandala

This is a Tuon ( pronounced as Two On) which is similar to Mandala where we use as a Focal Point for our prayers and devotion. In the middle of Tuon is the Word #Anito which is written in #Baybayin and the words that surround it are the Baybayin Characters that would spell the prayers of Luwalhati which is the official mantra of #LuntiangAghama and of the #HilotBinabaylan.

Learn how to use Baybayin in Rituals and Prayers by attending the #SiAdTala #BaybayinMysticOracle Attunement Workshop as facilitated by our Brother @alsent.aghama on October 20, 2021.

For more details kindly check out Lakay’s post at SiadTala.Wordpress.com

Teachers of Life

received_217528668820731.jpegColonization brought new form of medicine to our People, but as they bring new Medicine- the colonizer also bring new diseases into our land. When the colonizers settled into our Land they formed their own government over ruling the native people and had control of our land. As time pass by, they do not only own the land but also control people lives by implementing laws that will serve their interest up to present time.

There are also laws made concerning medicine and healthcare that forbid the use of our indigenous practices but instead use what is prescribed by the modern one. With the continues use of modern synthetic medicine, they also have the power to modify our DNA that will conform to their will. From our birth to our death, Modern Medicine has rule over us. They are the only one who is allowed to perform procedures on which our ancestors before us called as ritual in birthing as well as in funeral.

Before Anxiety and Depression is relieved by our Babaylan through rituals and meditation, now Modern Medicine prescribed drugs to tame it or lessen its effect unlike the Babaylan ways of changing it by teaching us how to control it. The focus of modern medicine is more mundane and carnal that it aims to control not only the cells of our body but also into the atomic level. But for us as Binabaylan Hilot we balance the Body and those level to the soul that gives life.

Recently my focus on study is about mental health. The problem of Drug Addiction, Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal mindset and so on… This i do probably as one of my Vow as dedicated Member of the Correllian Order of Peace Weaver. Though i don’t have the solution yet, but i already have found an answer why it happened to person.

The answer is due to the progress of the Soul within the person. In our studies we teach that each individual has 7 souls. As the time a child is born he or she receives his soul gradually. I also found that at the moment of Coitus, the union of Egg and Sperm Cell- the Spirit of Life begins to form. This union of cells become the Ancestral Soul of Life that made an Individual to be both Male and Female.

As individual we are both gender as Male and Female, because a Man could not germinate a baby without female nor a female can give birth without male. So the Power of Creation is present in the Union of this Power.

As the Baby come out of the womb, we know it is alive because of the First soul that comes with the Baby and we call it as ULIRAT. The Force or electricity of Life that was made from the union of the cells.

Then the next soul will come. We see this when the Baby is Placed to the breast of the Mother. On this stage, sensation is being developed to a child so as the intuition. This soul becomes the Child Muwang. The purity of the soul that has no Malice sucking divine milk from her mothers breast.

As the Baby grow s/he is introduced to the Community where the baby will receive his/her 3rd soul which is Malay. And this stage as i see is a very critical stage for the child where the child will be influenced by the people in his environment. What ever the Child see will become normal and correct that s/he will bring it up until adulthood. On this stage of Soul Progression, as an Adult we have a role on how we mold the child behavior towards live as the behavior is also a soul which we call as Bait/ katinuan.

This is the reason why religion comes in by having Child Baptism. The Church want to influence the development of the Child Kamalayan. and this continue in school as well as in social media and the Government. Now what ever the child adopt when s/he grows becomes the poison that we as Hilot Binabaylan must cure. And we can not do that by simply doing Massage or Tawas.

Everyone must level up to the Highest Calling as Hilot Binabaylan and that is to become a Teacher of Life.