Helping Recover from Stroke

I was swiping our front yard when I saw this man walking on his short legged cane and he stopped as if catching his breathe just in front of me. So I dropped my broom for a while and asked him: ” What happened to you? Why do you walk like that?? The man replied that he had stroke 5 years ago and his cane was broken that he just endure using it because he have no money to replace it. So I was moved and went inside the Shrine and get the walking cane that I made for my mother and supposedly use it when I got stroke but thankfully, I never had used it, so I give it to the man whose name is Goyong. I asked him if he wanted to be healed and told him that I am also a Stroke Recovery Patient and had it just a year ago. And he agree that I asked him to comeback on his Free Time.

I already saw Goyong always walking in the morning and notice how he walk and have prayed that one day, I could reach and help him out. It is not that I am bragging that I am better now, but what I realized that I am so blessed that I easily got recovered from my Stroke. Actually this becomes my declaration and mission, to help Stroke People to recover, as It was my mission to my Mother in helping her to be relieved from her condition. And last year, I myself have experienced it that I personally understand what it is to be in that condition. I still acknowledge that I am not expert on treating this condition, but I will do the same thing to the things that I do to my self that helps me to recover.

Kuya Goyong came back and I learned that he is 56 years old and when he had stroke his Wife left her alone. I ask him who is taking care of him while he have stroke? He said no one. He is just renting a small room where he could lie down and in the morning he walks 500 meters to ask for food from his friend and some relatives. As he is telling his story to us he cried a lot and was able to voice out the pain that he is carrying inside him and was relieved when he tell his story before he had stroke. He have a nice extravagant life, he have 3 sons of which only the eldest give time to support him on his financial needs such as bills for his rent, electricity and water. He was able to invest 2 cars on which after his wife left him brought it with her so as his 3 tricycle he sold it so that he could have money for his medication.

Though I understand the feeling of a Stroke Patient, I saw his determination of bringing his life back to normal when he walk in the morning. When I checked him, I see 90% of making him back normal. It was just delayed because of lack of money. But if we are going to make a Hilot program for his recovery, I’m sure that in 6 months there will be improvement to his mobility.

Kuya Goyong still has his sensation, memory and mobility. But I see he have limitation on making facial expression just like me at the start. His left fingers, arms, and shoulders were stocked as the nerves and blood vessels were frozen. So the Mission that I have for him is to bring back the Fire in his Life and that is the warmth so as the Light.

At least, after yesterday initial session his face brighten up and went home with new hope. I just asked him that we should recover first his health then afterwards we work on his Wealth. All that has been lost to him will be replaced with new and even greater one as long as we manage to bring back his optimum Health and Wellness.

Though what I need from him is to see his medical abstract that indicates the result of his CT Scan, so as the laboratory result of his blood chemistry. But knowing that he is financially uncapable, this might not be possible. I also want him to have medical care aside from what we can provide. I told him not to think on how much to pay for my services but rather think of recovering first and when he does and made him self financially stable, then he could pay us through service.

How I Wish that I have that enough Money that I could also help people who come to us to have Medical Care. But for now, It is only Prayer and the Hilot Medicine that I have what I could Share to these people.


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