Father and Child

It was rare to see a Father who brings their Child to a Manghihilot. Usually, it was always the mother who brought their sick Child to me hoping for their Baby to be relieved from illness. And this is the first time I saw a Father who is very hands on in caring for their Family. Of course we consider their economic status that they could not send their sick children to be checked by allopathic doctors but instead see Traditional Healer for a quick relief. Though the illness of the Child is just symptomatic and no Medical illness. The child only suffers from Ipit Ugat or clipped nerve due to his being playfulness.

For those who are seeking Hilot Treatment that are in Brgy. Francisco Homes Narra, even in nearby villages such as in Brgy. Guijo, Brgy. Mulawin and Brgy. Yakal, you may freely visit us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Monday through Sunday for our Donation Based Treatment.

Just a reminder to the Public, we do not provide Home Care Visitation specially those who are in Metro Manila. If you need Hilot Treatment we encourage you to come to our Place or ask for your Local Barangay Officials to refer you to a Hilot Manggagamot. Or better yet, contact Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care and ask for a referral.