What is in the Glass?

img20200125175006_01It’s an broken egg with its yolk on the base of the glass while the albumen floats and create images.

This is an Egg Tawas. Our Mexican #Kapwa Curanderos does this too in their Limpia Ritual. So as in Italy they do this once a Year at the Eve of the Feast of Saint Peter.

Aside from Tawas, Hilot Academy also teach how to remove sick energies using the Egg. So we invite you to learn this technique by enrolling to our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training which is an 8 day stay in training at Hilot Academy.


Family Medicine

I ask our graduates how do they encounter Hilot in their life. And here is how Gerone (who is a Yoga Teacher in France that was born and raised in Davao) experience Hilot.

From hearing Gerone’s story, we realize that indeed Hilot is an act of showing our love to our Family members first. It was our lolo, lola, Auntie, Uncle, Nanay or Tatay who give hilot to us when we are sick. The act of Healing comes first to the Family and this makes hilot to be our first Family Medicine.


God is our Great Healer


Happy Sunday everyone and it’s 15th of September 2019. Let us thank God for the Medicine we have and let us continue to pray for his Grace and Mercy to do wonders to us and continually heal all our infirmities.


Hilot Academy of Binabaylan are open everyday from Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Aside from our Trainings, Seminar and Workshop on Traditional and Indigenous Filipino Medicine, we welcome people for Free Health Profiling and Pulse Reading Consultation. We also offer Treatment Services at Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. that is located at Lot 79 Phase A Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Text or Call us at +639480177571 or +639952467040 to reserve a schedule on Training or Treatment services.

My First Patient

From the very start i earned my Degree as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, my parents have become my First Patient. They become my treatment model specially my mother.

Through nanay, i earned many referals and recommendation from her friends that made me to commit full time in this profession. I started healing patients with simple cases such as headache, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, sprained ankle and body pain. From doing body massage to relieve condition i employ to use herbs as a take home treatment after massage.

Through the years of dedicated practice and study, i gain expertise on Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine that i started to treat serious conditions of patients.

I handled couples who want to have a child through fertility hilot, patients with anxiety and depression, patients that have fatty liver and enlargement of the heart, ureter kidney and bladder problem, and stroke patient. But with all the patients that i had, my first priority always goes to my family. When they are sick, i always make it to attend to them specially to my mom.

This year my mother had a multiple stroke and hip replacement surgery. She was also diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. I become very reluctant that i forgot to take watch over them that i focus on other people condition.

So since January, i focused my self on attending to nanay condition. She was hospitalized early this year and doctor recommend that she will undergo Physical Rehabilitation Therapy for 3 to 6 months.

But through my intervention and integration of western treatment and Hilot, nanay is now doing well amd can walk again. For now, i am training her with a walker and my goal is that she could walk again without assistance and be independent.

Indeed Hilot is a Family Traditional Medicine that our focus is for the General Health and Wellness of our Family.

Dance with my Nanay

After a month of recovery from Multiple Stroke and Hip Replacement Surgery, this valentine of 2019 nanay could stand and walk again with minimum assistance.

We recognize the help of modern medicine integrated with Traditional Hilot to achieve full potential of Holistic Healing.

Modern Diagnostic and surgical procedures in repairing or replacing the damage part of the patients body and the power of Natural Medicine in replenishing the life force of the Patient.

Indeed the Body is not complete without the Soul which is the Life Force of every individual.

Integration of the old to new; of traditional to conventional medicine.

Lana ng Binabaylan

Now available Lana ng Binabaylan Haplos Lunas sa mga karamdaman.

Made from 100% organic and fresh leaves, barks and roots of healing herbs that grow naturally at Shrine Yard in the Green City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

60 ml for Php 100.00 only.

Indicated for Muscle and Joint pain, artritis and rhuematism, skin infections, dundruff, cracked and scally skin, animal and insect bites, colic, cough and respiratory problems, headache, dizziness. Ideal for hilot massage, gua sha and bentusa treatment.

For other problems and indication, consult your hilot provider to obtain best result.

Visit us for Free Pulse Reading Analysis at Lot 79 Phase A, Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

We make sure that our product is Earth Friendly by using glass bottle to contain our Healing Oil. Plastic bottles can damage our Planet so we advocate to be Earth Friedly as we provide healing to the person we also Heal the Earth.

Buy Now!

Energy Medicine

Science have defined Energy as the ability to do work; it is not created nor can be destroyed but can change form. As Human being we are energetic body that has shape and form. But there are times that our existence and energetic body got weak due to illness.

Hilot is an Energy Medicine that transform the flow of energy within our body. Our energetic body transform through time that needs to maintain it flow.

The flow of Life Force which keep us alive must be kept moving; and when it slow down it makes us weak.

The flow of energy or life force slow down due to blockages. These blockages may be in a form of emotional or mental disturbance.

These blockages can be equated into negative energy that make it flow slow down. But Hilot through its different modalities used in healing will bring back the natural flow of life force into your being and transform illness into wellness.

Visit your manghihilot today for a consultation and healing session.

For schedule of appointment, you may text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or you may drop at Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan Center at 157 K3 road, Kamuning, Quezon City.

Food that Heals A Lot

After we come out of our mothers womb, we breathe for the air of life. Then we are cleaned up and placed to our mother’s breast to be cared and feed.

As we grow up, life has been sustained by the comfort we had from the tender loving care of our mom.

And food is one of the most effective means of showing care and concerns to out love ones as Filipino.

In Hilot we see the importance of food in healing. Aside from the energy we get from the food that we eat, we also use food to regain our strength so that we may get healed.

With this we are inviting everyone on October 28, 2018 to join us in our 1st Mamghihilot Festival and General Assembly to be held at 157 K3 road, Kamuning, Quezon City.

For details kindly contact Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040

Oil Paper and Candle

Tawas is an amazing modality where the manghihilot utilize to determine not only the cause of ill but also the type of illness a person is suffering.

Illness as modern people concieve it to be as a condition of the physical body when it is not well.

In tawas aside from the physical condition and limitation, it shows also the emotional and mental condition of the patient who undergo tawas session.

The oil paper and candle are the medium of manghihilot in performing tawas ritual and from the images that form in the ritual is the one manghihilot use to read and interpret the problem that needs solution.

Tawas is learnable and doable.

To learn Tawas you may call or text us for the details of schedule and fee for our course of training at +639952467040 or email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com

Sculpture in a Glass of Water

What can you see? What story does it tell?

A Japanese artist went to me for Hilot. So i give her Hilot and start with Tawas Ritual. I prepare a glass of water and raw egg and start to pray and make the egg touch the body parts of the client which are the gate way for the soul. After prayer i break gently the egg into the glass of water and it started to form shape so as telling its stories.

Raw Egg broken into a glass of water is a divinatory method that is categorized as Scrying. The raw egg and the glass of water is the medium and the interpreter is the channel for the messages of the soul (higher and lower self of the client) whom the Manghihilot have contacted to communicate with.

Each shape that been formed in the glass tell specific stories. Even the way how the egg is brocken tells specific areas of the clients life. Each stories may refer to situations, and each situations may tell the condition of the wellness of the client where the manghihilot must determine which body organs radiating that situation.

Tawas is not just a Divinatory Art that tells a story. Because the story that been told by tawas is your own story which the Manghihilot would channel to locate the areas in your life that needs attention.