Holistic HealingApproach

More and more people need the work of Binabaylan in this modern world. Relief from stress is not enough now-a-days, what is needed is to pin point the cause of illness and deal with it properly.

Spiritual Guidance and Psycho Emotional Balancing is essential factor to achieve holistic healing.

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Natural Treatment

As Hilot we believe that our body is communicating to us when we get sick. Getting sick is an indicator that we are abusing our body from many different kind of stressor. This is the reason why Bodyworkers would ask you to have ralaxation through their treatment because your body is very stressed and got chronic abuse from the stressors.

Also in Hilot we believe that when we get sick, our body has the ability to repair and heal our self from illness. So if the person got sick and that person has the ability to fix and be healed why need to see manghihilot?

Indeed that our body has the ability to fix and be healed, but the work of manghihilot to the sick person is to hasten up the recovery period of the person suffering from ailment. Manghihilot uses Natural and Non Imvasive Treatment modality that will alleviate pain, hasten recovery and enhance the sense of relaxation of the patient/client to obtain 100% healing from illness.

Relaxation can be the cheapest way to recover from an illness. Because in relaxation, the manghihilot will pull you out from the situation that gives you stress and fix the part of you that been damaged by your stressor. By fixing the part of you that been damaged, you will feel that you become a new person because of the deep relaxation provided to you by your manghihilot.

Pain from Hilot is just an initial reaction of your body. But as the manghihilot continues to work out on your situation, the areas that being work out will become smooth and soothing as it relieves the deep pain that been stucked up inside your body.

Soul Level Healing

Binabaylan Hilot is a process of deep level healing which touch the soul of the client. As Hilot believe that some illness starts from the soul level.

On this picture, our client have difficulty in raising up her right arm. As we start giving her treatment, we call on her higher and lower self to guide us in her healing process. The paper tawas shows the reason why she have difficulty in raising up her right arms and it was connected to her emotions which was symbolized by the heart.

After confirming this to our client, we swipe away the negative thought form that dwells in her soul and give her hilot lunas by rubbing and kneading her arms and shoulders to release the blockages.

If you have similar problem, we invite you to have hilot with us. You can do this by having an appointment and schedule your visit with me by texting or calling me at 09952467040.

Pagdampi at Pagsasala

Life of man relies on the elements of nature that can be found within each of us; and the imbalance of these elements makes man to suffer from illness.

The role of Hilot in healing is to determine first the imbalance of the elements within the body of the patient/client, from then proper treatment can be prescribed and implemented.

Humans are naturally warm blooded, so when we touch the skin of our client it must be warm. Warm blood flows naturally throughout our blood vessels, but when it is cold it stucks up and clotted.

The Art of Pagdampi over the skin surface of the client measures the body temperature of the client to determine the hot and cold spot within the body. Then it is followed by Pagsasala or Banana Leaf Scanning which allows the absorption of excessive Carbon Dioxide in the Body and exchanging it with Oxygen.

Through pagsasala, aside from its diagnostic nature it is also a form of Healing where the medicinal properties of Banana Leaf are transfered to the body of the patient where the skin absorbs it.

Hilot is a wonderful Natural Healing Art that one must experience.

Experience Hilot now by making appointment with us by texting or call us at 09952467040.

Chilean Hilot Curador

I an advocate in moving Hilot to be recognize as the Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines. This healing modality that we Filipino have is a National Treasure that we could be proud off. Though many people still have little understanding of what Hilot is all about, there should be someone from us need to stand to tell what real Hilot is all about.

Hilot as i always tell and becomes my battle cry that it is not a Massage but it is our very own Traditional and Natural Medicine in the Philippines; and when it is studied by a non Filipino it becomes Alternative and Natural Medicine.

As an advocate of Hilot in order for my message to be heard, i need to teach Hilot for a cost in order for Hilot to be popularized again. Spa and Massage center are giving Hilot a wrong reputation by making hilot like massage. Now-a-days even the freelance massuers claims to be a Hilot and even some massage professionals obtain National Certificate for Hilot Wellness Massage but not the Traditional and Natural Medicine itself.

Today, i am so proud to say to the world that our Hilot Binabaylan have produced a new practitioner that is native of Santiago, Chile and her name is Bernardita Montero.

Bernardita Montero or Ita as she want to be called is a Chilean Theater Artist, Dancer and a massage provider. She traveled to the Philippines to enhance her knowledge and skills in Natural Healing Arts and Science.

Ita took a course with us and become proficient in Pulse Reading, Tawas, Hilot Hygiene, Pagsasala, Bentusa and MasaHilot.

Fil Canadian Hilot Binabaylan

It was a quick email exchange that i met Jan Diwata. It is through the comment section of our webpage that she learned about our academy and when she got the opportunity to learn with us, she grab it immediately for 3 days.

Jan is an Amazing Hilot who do inner dance, yoga and baybayin oracle. She is passionate and dedicated healer who works in between the world for the spirit and mankind.

Check her out on this collection of what we had during our class with her at Hilot Academy.

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Conquering our Limitation

As we define the work of Hilot Binabaylan, we walk between the 9 worlds as the word “Binabaylan” suggest which means the one who walks along the shore (baybayin).

Hilot is an amazing modality that is not limited in the form of massage (physical medicine) but it also use Bio Energy Medicine in treating patients even on distant shore.

Apu Adman joined by Dayang Simoy Amihan (Ms. Verma Zapanta) in sending healing energy to a client that lives in Canada.

Dayang Simoy Amihan asked Apu Adman to perform Distant Pagpag Ritual Healing to her friend that lives in Canada. The person involve in this healing ritual is a Cultural artist that lose her motivation in life in being productive thus affecting her physical and social wellness.

Apu Adman with the assitance of Dayang Amihan lifted up the intention of healing as we call forth for the soul of the client to return and bring forth Blessings into her life.

After a day, Simoy Amihan recieved a report from her friend that tell:

Indeed, the power of Hilot can cross the bounderies of time and space to bring healing to everyone who will need it.

Dayang Simoy Amihan as she bless her friend with possitive energy and good health.

Pinay Austrian doing Hilot

It is nice to know that Filipino worldwide are coming back home to learn Hilot and we are so happy to welcome Ms. Ryah Pas of Viena, Austria as she ReMember her roots as Binabaylan Hilot.


You can be like Ryah by becoming part of our Global Family of Binabaylan Hilot in touching the world with the power of Hilot.

Come and learn the ways of our ancient Filipino Healing Arts and Science here in Hilot Academy. For more information, you may contact Apu Adman Aghama by email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or contact us at +639952467040. You may write a snail mail to us at Block 8 Lot 13 Phase F, Brgy. Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, 3023, Philippines.

Shake off the dirt

Have you ever felt that you woke up one morning but still you feel lazy to work that is not usual to you? Or you notice that whatever you do you are not obtaining positive result to all your efforts even you know well that you do the right thing?

You know that you are ok but it seems that everything around you doesnt work out as you expect it to be.

Dont worry everything is all right. What you need to do is stop and shake off the negative vibes around you.

This is what Pagpag Exorcism Ritual Does. It is like dusting off the dirt that attached to you by breaking it down then rinsing you by the Divine Light through orasyon. The dirt that attached to you are external factors that makes you slow down your work and progress.

You deserve to live a happy and progressive life, but in our life it is unavoidable to face challenges like people that you meet and try to influence you or to the worst dominate you to do what they want. Pleasing other people by letting them control your life is unhealthy.

You own your own life and you alone are responsible in living it. You may meet other people around you and that is fine. But if the people you meet tries to control your life by letting you do what they want is not ok. What you need is different from what they want. Be sure that you live your life according to what you need and not to what other people tell you what to do.

Shaking them off out of your system will allow you to move freely and independently. Those people who try to control your life are social parasites and psychic vampires that will drain out the lifeforce that is within you. It will change you according to what they want and leaving you without a choice of living your own life. They will dump your own identity by changing you to what they want you to become. So we need to get rid of it into our life and shake them off.

Hilot Binabaylan re awakening in Viena, Austria

Last year during the Healing Festival at Siquijor, me and lakay have a met a group of people from Viena, Austria which are Filipino-Austrian having a vacation pilgrimage in the Philippines

And this year, we are blessed enough to have one of them to be our student of Binabaylan Hilot and she is Myss Ria.

Her training started with a cleansing and dedication ritual that was attuned to Friday the 13th which opened up her self to the Great Powers to help her in doing the work of a healer.

A demonstration that being a healer as a bearer of light that will shine on darkness, to alleviate the suffering of people from illness not only to the physical body but as well to the emotion, mind and spirit.

Today, we great fun of sharing the art and science of “tawas” as the traditional diagnostic procedure in determining the cause of illness.