Natural Treatment

As Hilot we believe that our body is communicating to us when we get sick. Getting sick is an indicator that we are abusing our body from many different kind of stressor. This is the reason why Bodyworkers would ask you to have ralaxation through their treatment because your body is very stressed and got chronic abuse from the stressors.

Also in Hilot we believe that when we get sick, our body has the ability to repair and heal our self from illness. So if the person got sick and that person has the ability to fix and be healed why need to see manghihilot?

Indeed that our body has the ability to fix and be healed, but the work of manghihilot to the sick person is to hasten up the recovery period of the person suffering from ailment. Manghihilot uses Natural and Non Imvasive Treatment modality that will alleviate pain, hasten recovery and enhance the sense of relaxation of the patient/client to obtain 100% healing from illness.

Relaxation can be the cheapest way to recover from an illness. Because in relaxation, the manghihilot will pull you out from the situation that gives you stress and fix the part of you that been damaged by your stressor. By fixing the part of you that been damaged, you will feel that you become a new person because of the deep relaxation provided to you by your manghihilot.

Pain from Hilot is just an initial reaction of your body. But as the manghihilot continues to work out on your situation, the areas that being work out will become smooth and soothing as it relieves the deep pain that been stucked up inside your body.


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