Pre Natal Hilot

Before Massage Therapy adopts the sequence of Pre Natal pregnancy massage, our Manghihilot does it already.

Long time ago in the absence of Medical Professional, our Manghihilot takes the role of HeathCare experts.

People come to Hilot for all kinds of ailments. New couples that could not have baby will ask hilot to fix the conception problem of the couples not only to the woman but also to man.

During pregnancy after the first trimester, the expectant mother will come to hilot to relieve the pregnancy pain and also prevent the “pagka suhi” in delivery.

During the delivery, the Manghihilot is also there to attend on the birthing of the child.

Indeed, the role of the manhihilot in Family life is always visible because the manghihilot is always present from the conception, delivery, growing up, maturity, and even upto death.

If you want to learn Pre Natal Care employed by Hilot, kindly send us an email at or call and text us at +639952467040 for training schedules and appointment.


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