Soul Level Healing

Binabaylan Hilot is a process of deep level healing which touch the soul of the client. As Hilot believe that some illness starts from the soul level.

On this picture, our client have difficulty in raising up her right arm. As we start giving her treatment, we call on her higher and lower self to guide us in her healing process. The paper tawas shows the reason why she have difficulty in raising up her right arms and it was connected to her emotions which was symbolized by the heart.

After confirming this to our client, we swipe away the negative thought form that dwells in her soul and give her hilot lunas by rubbing and kneading her arms and shoulders to release the blockages.

If you have similar problem, we invite you to have hilot with us. You can do this by having an appointment and schedule your visit with me by texting or calling me at 09952467040.


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