Pagdampi at Pagsasala

Life of man relies on the elements of nature that can be found within each of us; and the imbalance of these elements makes man to suffer from illness.

The role of Hilot in healing is to determine first the imbalance of the elements within the body of the patient/client, from then proper treatment can be prescribed and implemented.

Humans are naturally warm blooded, so when we touch the skin of our client it must be warm. Warm blood flows naturally throughout our blood vessels, but when it is cold it stucks up and clotted.

The Art of Pagdampi over the skin surface of the client measures the body temperature of the client to determine the hot and cold spot within the body. Then it is followed by Pagsasala or Banana Leaf Scanning which allows the absorption of excessive Carbon Dioxide in the Body and exchanging it with Oxygen.

Through pagsasala, aside from its diagnostic nature it is also a form of Healing where the medicinal properties of Banana Leaf are transfered to the body of the patient where the skin absorbs it.

Hilot is a wonderful Natural Healing Art that one must experience.

Experience Hilot now by making appointment with us by texting or call us at 09952467040.


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