Introducing Hilot to Millenials

When people talk about hilot they will automatically think of it as Massage. But people have forgotten that before modern doctors of medicine arrived in our Land, the Manghihilot is the one who is in charge of the healthcare of the Common Filipino People.

Before the time of the ObGyne and Midwife, the Manghihilot is the one who attends in delivering birth to an expectant mother.

Let us not decieve the Millenials by not introducing the Phillippine Traditional and Natural Medicine.

The one you can find in a classy Spa is not hilot but massage.

Massage is just one of the many modalities employed by hilot in affecting cure to an illness of the Patient.

Hilot is a complete traditional healthcare system that has its own method of diagnosis, prevention, promotion, curative and rehabilitative medicine.


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