Medicine in our yard

People now-a-days relies on the medicine which we could buy on drug store as prescribed by western doctors.

And as we go out of our house and walk around our neighborhood we will see grass and herbs that sprout in the corner of the road and consider that as garbage and pull it up and trash it. But those grass and herbs grows naturally without the intervention of man nor modern science.

It is sad to say that most people see it as a trash, but our ancestors use it as their medicine. Our ancestors believe that these plants were allowed to grow by God on our yard for our medicine. The nature of the herbs that grow in our yard defines the nature of probable illness that man have in that area.

Such as this plants that grows along the block as i walk out through our neighborhood tells that people might be suffering from heart ailment as suggested by the shape of the leaves of pansit pansitan and clover. So as the sampaloc sampalukan suggest that people also suffer from kidney stone problem.

When a manghihilot go for a home care treatment service, s/he also observes the plant that grows in the environment where the patient lives. Because the plants that grows in their area are the probable medicine that could cure the illness of the patient.

Now as we know this as Hilot, i ask you to go out of your house and walk along the neighborhood and take pictures of the grass, herbs and plants that grow in your area.

If you have done this, i encourage that you take picture and post it here the pictures and your location in the comment box below.

To know more about the Healing arts of Hilot, you may send us a message by emailing us at or call and text us at 09952467040 for schedule of treatment and join us every friday for our training session in Traditional and Natural Healing.


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