My First Patient

From the very start i earned my Degree as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, my parents have become my First Patient. They become my treatment model specially my mother.

Through nanay, i earned many referals and recommendation from her friends that made me to commit full time in this profession. I started healing patients with simple cases such as headache, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, sprained ankle and body pain. From doing body massage to relieve condition i employ to use herbs as a take home treatment after massage.

Through the years of dedicated practice and study, i gain expertise on Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine that i started to treat serious conditions of patients.

I handled couples who want to have a child through fertility hilot, patients with anxiety and depression, patients that have fatty liver and enlargement of the heart, ureter kidney and bladder problem, and stroke patient. But with all the patients that i had, my first priority always goes to my family. When they are sick, i always make it to attend to them specially to my mom.

This year my mother had a multiple stroke and hip replacement surgery. She was also diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. I become very reluctant that i forgot to take watch over them that i focus on other people condition.

So since January, i focused my self on attending to nanay condition. She was hospitalized early this year and doctor recommend that she will undergo Physical Rehabilitation Therapy for 3 to 6 months.

But through my intervention and integration of western treatment and Hilot, nanay is now doing well amd can walk again. For now, i am training her with a walker and my goal is that she could walk again without assistance and be independent.

Indeed Hilot is a Family Traditional Medicine that our focus is for the General Health and Wellness of our Family.


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