Why Healing oil is the common medicine for the rural Filipino?

Aside from being econimically cheap and within reach it also help relieve common sign and symtoms that prevent illness and disease.

Healing Oil has been a Powerful Tool of many Filipino in Healthcare even prior to Colonization and arrival of modern Medicine in the Philippines.

It is prescribed by our Ancestors that has direct lineage to our God which we call us Anito. This belief has been strengthen when the Kingdom of India have reached out our Country during the 3rd to 6th Century.

The belief that the oil derived from the Coconut is a by product of the Divine Body of the Gods Ulilang Kaluluwa ( lonely soul) and Galang Kaluluwa (wondering soul) in the Katagalugan Pantheon.

While in Mindanao by the Talaandig Tribe it was prescribed by their Holy Propher Apu Agbibilin to use Coconut oil and Lemon grass in Peace Making as a sign of the God Magbabaya through the God of Peace Agta Yabun Magbaya.

Our Healing Oil is made from 4 nutritive Base Oil blended with Sacred Healing Herbs.


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