Healing Sanctuary

Hilot is an Indigenous Healing art that is native to the Philippines. It also incorporate massage as one of its healing modality.

Unlike in Massage Therapy which is a foreign modality that is not native in the Philippines, Hilot Masahe is curative rather than relaxing massage. Hilot treats Patient and not just a client, customer, or guest.

This is why modern Massage Therapist ended up in prostitution because the Government Stardardization committee in Massage Therapy forbid the use of the word “Patient” to those who are recieving massage.

This system has been followed also by Tesda Hilot Wellness which follow the same principle implemented by DoH Licensed Massage Therapist.

The system of Home Service Massage and fly by night Spa loosen the therapeutic value of massage.

In Traditional Hilot, we follow the law of Nature. We only treat on day time and not during the night. We even treat our patient on direct sunlight and not on a dim room naked.

Authentic Indigenous Hilot practitioner are not limited giving their craft to anyone who seeks for it. Instead of going to the home of their patient, the Manghihilot open up their own home to be a healing sanctuary for their patient.

Hilot is not found in Spa but in the practitioners Home.


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