Hilot is our own Healing Modality

Hilot is not just a massage so the Licensed Massage Therapists shoulf not be threatened to loose their jobs because of the rise of modern Hilot.

But in fact, Hilot is the earliest form of Healing in the Philippines and many Manghihilot loose their Jobs and Profession with the rise of Modern Medicine.

The Traditional Manghihilot does not complain when the Philippine Government give importance to the Licensed Massage Therapist by creating the Sanitation Act Law.

The Traditional Manghihilot also hoping to be recognized through the Philippine Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act but instead of recognition, still Hilot are being ignored and accused of being unscientific. What this act recognized are Western Modalities and give them highest respect and call them Doctors such as those who Practice Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Chiropractic.

But the Manghihilot and Albularyo still branded as Quack Doctors.

University of the Philippines through Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Healthcare had a convention on Herbal Medicine, but when i inquire about the event i was not accepted to attend because the convention is an event with a payment.

So those who will benefit from modern studies on Herbs are those who have money who can control the market and not the common people.

The Common People will remain as consumer and patient and never will learn to control their life.

Tesda has given hope the common people to take charge of their health by teaching Hilot Wellness Massage, but DoH Licensed Massage Therapist are discrediting Tesda for giving scholarship to the common people in learning Hilot.

The accuse Hilot Wellness Massage NC2 are stealing jobs for the LMT’s but in reality the LMT have long time stole the livelihood and profession of the Manghihilot in the Philippines.

Hilot is for everyone and it is not for only one person. It is not mine to claim that i am Hilot. You are not required to be Certified or Licensed to become a Hilot.

Our Academy only help our graduates to remember the kind of Medicine that their Ancestors have taught them from generation to generation. So there is no standard procedures in doing Hilot.

As Each Patient is has individual differences, so as the type of Hilot Applied to each patient is different and unique.

Unlike in Massage Therapy, their sequences only circulate on Efflurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement and Vibration; but Hilot goes beyond the Physical Manipulation and pass through the mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspect of each individual.

Aside from treating the body, we need to secure also the patients behaviour, its lifestyle and its environment. Healing will not come if these aspect is ignored.

So Licensed Massage Therapist dont be envious with Hilot, because our Craft is far more different from your scope of Practices.


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