God is our Great Healer


Happy Sunday everyone and it’s 15th of September 2019. Let us thank God for the Medicine we have and let us continue to pray for his Grace and Mercy to do wonders to us and continually heal all our infirmities.


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Traditional Manual Medicine of the Filipino

Hilot Hagod is a Traditional Medicine that is native to the Philippine Archipelago. It employs manual movement of the hands to provide relief from pain. It also uses herbs topically applied to the body to hasten healing from any ailments.

Hilot Hagod session usually start with identifying the cause of illness through Tawas, which is our Traditional Method on Diagnosing illness. In Hilot, we believe that illness may occur because of the disharmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Then we locate the organs affected by pulse analysis.

Experience this Amazing Healing Arts of the Philippines by visiting a Certified Hilot.

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Conquering our Limitation

As we define the work of Hilot Binabaylan, we walk between the 9 worlds as the word “Binabaylan” suggest which means the one who walks along the shore (baybayin).

Hilot is an amazing modality that is not limited in the form of massage (physical medicine) but it also use Bio Energy Medicine in treating patients even on distant shore.

Apu Adman joined by Dayang Simoy Amihan (Ms. Verma Zapanta) in sending healing energy to a client that lives in Canada.

Dayang Simoy Amihan asked Apu Adman to perform Distant Pagpag Ritual Healing to her friend that lives in Canada. The person involve in this healing ritual is a Cultural artist that lose her motivation in life in being productive thus affecting her physical and social wellness.

Apu Adman with the assitance of Dayang Amihan lifted up the intention of healing as we call forth for the soul of the client to return and bring forth Blessings into her life.

After a day, Simoy Amihan recieved a report from her friend that tell:

Indeed, the power of Hilot can cross the bounderies of time and space to bring healing to everyone who will need it.

Dayang Simoy Amihan as she bless her friend with possitive energy and good health.

Shake off the dirt

Have you ever felt that you woke up one morning but still you feel lazy to work that is not usual to you? Or you notice that whatever you do you are not obtaining positive result to all your efforts even you know well that you do the right thing?

You know that you are ok but it seems that everything around you doesnt work out as you expect it to be.

Dont worry everything is all right. What you need to do is stop and shake off the negative vibes around you.

This is what Pagpag Exorcism Ritual Does. It is like dusting off the dirt that attached to you by breaking it down then rinsing you by the Divine Light through orasyon. The dirt that attached to you are external factors that makes you slow down your work and progress.

You deserve to live a happy and progressive life, but in our life it is unavoidable to face challenges like people that you meet and try to influence you or to the worst dominate you to do what they want. Pleasing other people by letting them control your life is unhealthy.

You own your own life and you alone are responsible in living it. You may meet other people around you and that is fine. But if the people you meet tries to control your life by letting you do what they want is not ok. What you need is different from what they want. Be sure that you live your life according to what you need and not to what other people tell you what to do.

Shaking them off out of your system will allow you to move freely and independently. Those people who try to control your life are social parasites and psychic vampires that will drain out the lifeforce that is within you. It will change you according to what they want and leaving you without a choice of living your own life. They will dump your own identity by changing you to what they want you to become. So we need to get rid of it into our life and shake them off.


Yesterday a person came in to our office at Kingspoint Subd., Novaliches, Quezon City to inquire about our upcoming trainings at Hilot Academy. As we have share some of our views about Philippine Traditional Medicine, i ask this person his view and knowledge of Pilay.

So what do you understand about pilay? Is there an appropriate word in english to describe this malady?

Most Filipino still think that the word “pilay” means fracture of the bones, clipped nerve (ipit ugat), twisted muscles or sprain, dislocated joints (tipalok) and so on and so forth.

But “pilay” is not like that. Pilay is a word that simply means an illness. It is not a word to describe illness or pain because the word we use to describe the pain and illness is “sakit”.

Pilay literally means a break. A break from the natural order thus some Filipino confusingly termed pilay into fracture.

Like fracture, pilay is a condition of health where the natural flow of wellness has been disturbed thus we get ill. If we get sick, we usually have pilay. And Pilay is the illness of the body that limits our function physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

In order to cure pilay, the manghihilot determine first the cause of illness by performing Tawas Ritual. And through tawas, the hilot can specifically work out in giving cure to pilay.

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See you soon!

Tawas: Spiritual Diagnosis

Tawas is an ancient Filipino art of Diagnosing an illness. In ancient times, Filipino’s don’t have medical doctor to treat people illness. Our ancestors consult Traditional HEalers such as Babaylan, Albularyo and Hilot to restore their optimum health and wellness.

In ancient times, Filipino believe that illness is caused by a malevolent spirits (maligno); and the interaction of humans to these spirits might cause either good or bad, and the spirits can induce harm not only to the physical body but also to our mind and spirit.

To avail this service, you may schedule an appointment with us by text or call at +639952467040 and look for Apu Adman Aghama.

Medicine of the Common People

masahilot1In this modern time getting ill is too expensive but not all people can afford modern health care treatment from the professionals that is why most common people turn to self medication or just enduring the pain they have.

One characteristics of Hilot as the traditional medicine of the common people is affordability, that is why in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan we are going to launch Masa Hilot or Hilot for the common people that everyone may receive it economically without compromising the quality of health care.

HABI promotes Hilot as the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines as it has its unique delivery of health care that is similar to the modern allopathic and conventional medicine. Hilot has preventive, promotive, therapeutic and rehabilitative delivery system that common people can afford.

The Philippine Traditional Hilot Medicine has its own way of determining the cause of illness or diagnostic method through tawas or Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System.

The Hilot methods of scanning cause of illness is not limited to tawas but it also employs pulse reading analysis, kapkap salat, pagsasala and bentusa.  In Hilot we are not limited in employing massage as treatment modality, but we also use herbs, heat, light, water and therapeutic communication (orasyon) for counseling, regression and progression therapy.

For inquiries and scheduling of appointment, you may call or text Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com.

Hilot vs. Ordinary Spa Massage

Yesterday i started my lesson with a comparative overview between having a Spa Massage vs. taking a Hilot Treatment.

Since Spa Massage is a widely popular relaxation services that can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere in the Philippines; so i started my discussion on showing the stages of accomodation in having a spa massage.

First Stage. Booking

Booking a Spa Massage is either by Appointment or Walk In.

Busy people can make appointment schedule by calling the Spa where they will avail their massage.

The convinience of having massage to a spa is that they could perform the massage session either to their center or to the very comfort of your home.

The 2nd statement is true only when you call and book early for a home service massage. Usually it is advised to make reservation a day a head or 5 hours prior to the expected Massage Session.

Walk In

People who want to have massage can avail it anytime they want if they go directly to the Spa Center. They also have the chance to choose their therapist and other amenities to use.

In this stage either by appointment or walk in, the spa receptionist will just get your basic information such as name and contact number. After that they will ask you to sit down as they will prepare the room where the session will conduct.

Second Stage Massage Session

When you enter the Massage, the therapist will give you instruction to undress and lie facing down. And after you do that in a while the therapist will start massage.

Third stage After Care

After an hour of massage, they will ask you to dress up and offer you tea or drinks. But not all spa do that and mostly they will just ask for the payment and leave you an envelope for the tip.

Fourth stage Send off

Usually this is not really a stage but in every massage there is an ending where you just walk away from the spa and go back again to your regular routinary world.

Now, let us take a look when you take a Hilot Treatment.

First Stage Booking

People who want to have Hilot Treatment is through Appointment only. Here in this stage, the Discipline of Hilot is already applied which is the implementation of the Law of Nature which is the value of Time.

Second Stage Accomodation

As soon as you arrive to the Hilot Center you will greeted by the receptionist with a warm welcome which is a part of Hilot Virtues.

You will be offered with water to give refreshment and cleanse your internal organs as well as a foot soaking to prepare you for a deeper treatment session.

In this stage, two modalities of Hilot are already applied and that is the Hilot Orasion and Hilot sa Tubig.

Third Stage TAWAS or Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System (Hilot Diagnostic or method of scanning Illness)

This stage of Hilot takes time like the time spend during the Hilot treatment. In this stage the provider will determine what kind of treatment to apply depending on the result of the diagnosis.

If in ordinary Spa Massage the client decide what kind of treatment to recieve, in Hilot the Provider or Manghihilot decides what treatment to provide for the Client.

Tawas method starts from oral interview or getting relevant information of the Client.

The Manghihilot will ask for the full name of the client and from there the provider will know the elemental composotion and any imbalances in the clients body.

The manghihilot will also analyze not only the physic body of the client but also the emotional, mental, social and the spiritual body.

Activities of the internal organs are being checked also through Pagpupulso.

Upon analyzing the 5 faculties of man, then Hilot Treatment can be determine.

Fourth Stage The Hilot Treatment

Depending on the result of TAWAS, the manghihilot will implement either one or combination of the Hilot Modalities.

Generally, there are Five Division of Hilot Treatment and these are the following:




Orasyon at


The Hilot Wellness Services can be one or combination of the following:





Bulong Pagpag




Fifth Stage After Care

After treatment session, post interview is conducted for feedback. In feedback, the manghihilot will explain his or her findings as he conduct the treatment to client and will give further recommendation.

The manghihilot will provide post care product and make schedule for the next treatment session.