Medicine of the Common People

masahilot1In this modern time getting ill is too expensive but not all people can afford modern health care treatment from the professionals that is why most common people turn to self medication or just enduring the pain they have.

One characteristics of Hilot as the traditional medicine of the common people is affordability, that is why in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan we are going to launch Masa Hilot or Hilot for the common people that everyone may receive it economically without compromising the quality of health care.

HABI promotes Hilot as the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines as it has its unique delivery of health care that is similar to the modern allopathic and conventional medicine. Hilot has preventive, promotive, therapeutic and rehabilitative delivery system that common people can afford.

The Philippine Traditional Hilot Medicine has its own way of determining the cause of illness or diagnostic method through tawas or Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System.

The Hilot methods of scanning cause of illness is not limited to tawas but it also employs pulse reading analysis, kapkap salat, pagsasala and bentusa.  In Hilot we are not limited in employing massage as treatment modality, but we also use herbs, heat, light, water and therapeutic communication (orasyon) for counseling, regression and progression therapy.

For inquiries and scheduling of appointment, you may call or text Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or email at


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