Conquering our Limitation

As we define the work of Hilot Binabaylan, we walk between the 9 worlds as the word “Binabaylan” suggest which means the one who walks along the shore (baybayin).

Hilot is an amazing modality that is not limited in the form of massage (physical medicine) but it also use Bio Energy Medicine in treating patients even on distant shore.

Apu Adman joined by Dayang Simoy Amihan (Ms. Verma Zapanta) in sending healing energy to a client that lives in Canada.

Dayang Simoy Amihan asked Apu Adman to perform Distant Pagpag Ritual Healing to her friend that lives in Canada. The person involve in this healing ritual is a Cultural artist that lose her motivation in life in being productive thus affecting her physical and social wellness.

Apu Adman with the assitance of Dayang Amihan lifted up the intention of healing as we call forth for the soul of the client to return and bring forth Blessings into her life.

After a day, Simoy Amihan recieved a report from her friend that tell:

Indeed, the power of Hilot can cross the bounderies of time and space to bring healing to everyone who will need it.

Dayang Simoy Amihan as she bless her friend with possitive energy and good health.

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