The Journey of Austrian Pinay Hilot


I have met an Austrian Pinoy named Ryah last year in Siquijor. She is with a group of Austrian Pinoy traveling in the Philippines to experience the magick and healing of our Native Land. For about a year, she reaches out to us specially to Lakay Alsent Magbaya Aghama to express her interest in learning Hilot with us in the Academy. Then on April 13, 2018- we fetch Ms. Ryah at SM North Edsa and brought her to our temporary home at Kingspoint Subdivision to start her formal training in Hilot Binabaylan and her journey to the world of Healers began.

We started with setting of expectations and goals in learning Hilot by asking her what she knows about hilot and her response made me glad. She knows that Hilot is not just a Massage but it is about the spirituality of Man. As i have discussion with her that indeed as Filipino Traditional Healer we believe that the Life of Man came from the Divine Spirit and the health, illness and wellness is the result of how man do live their lives.

As her first lesson in Hilot, we have shared to her the knowledge of Baybayin and its use in determining the personality of the Client/Patient through the Sibulan Adlaw Oracle technique that been developed by Lakay Alsent Magbaya Aghama.

Then we do the Egg, Candle and Paper Tawas as a method of Hilot Scanning or Spiritual Diagnosis in the determining the Psycho Emotional Health of the Client.

We have shared also to Ryah the technique on sensing the BioEnergy Magnetic Field or Auric Field of a person also on how to strengthen it by conducting Pagpag at pahipo dampi ritual.

And finally we come to the part of Pulse Reading analysis where we learn how to listen to our internal organs and do hilot masahe.

Spending time with Ryah and sharing our knowledge of Philippine Traditional Healing is a precious moment that we will treasure. Hoping to welcome you back into our Academy as your second home in the Philippines.

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