The Journey of a FilAm Hilot

It was April 17, 2017 when i recieved a notification comment in one of our post here at Hilot Academy that comes from a FilAm Girl of San Francisco, California, USA that is a secondary school teacher and her Name is Verma.

Verma took the Hilot Binabaylan Certification course when she came to the Philippines last July 2017 and had successfully completed her training as Binabaylan Hilot.

She took her Hilot Training in our previous location which is at One Santillan Place, Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City.

And this year, the Academy welcomes her back as she continues her study to improve her skills as Hilot Binabaylan. We started our continuing education first by giving her the opportunity to welcome and pass the certificate of completion to a Austrian Pinay Hilot Binabaylan of Viena which is Ms. Ryah Pas.

Then she took lessons on Baybayin as her guidance for Kilubansa Elemental Name emergetic balance analysis and determining the client/patient life purpose.

We also have shared to her the Art of Tawas using candle, egg and paper which is our Traditional Spiritual Diagnostic Method. In Hilot we believe that the Mind concieves life and all things started from it. So we treat the unseen forces first before it come to manifest into the Physical Plane of Existence. By doing Tawas, we as Hilot Binabaylan we are harmonizing our 7 souls to our physical body which is the core vessel our owm spirit. Through Tawas we help individual to learn and recognize their life purpose that they may enjoy wellness.

Ryah, Lakay and Verma as she does the reading

Then after tawas of course it needed to perform the pagpag at pahipo dampi ritual to strengthen the auric field of the client.

And as our last activity we have shared to her the techniques on fertility hilot for male and female to help the couple to conceive a child. The video below only shows head and facial hilot as primary ritual in doing fertility hilot.

Then the time has come to award all of her effort in her Continuing Education as Binabaylan Hilot, given on the 4th day of May 2018-indeed may the 4th be with you!



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