I am 40

10th of May 1978 when i was born. I am the second child and only son from the 4 children of Rolando Dolar Comon and Raquel Payco Gomez and this year i turned 40.

I have no idea that i will have a party celebration on my birthday but this year is so much special. I only intend to have a solitary ritual of rededication to my Spiritual Practice as Hilot Binabaylan but my friends, students and co advocates have prepared a surprise party on this day.

Doc Kit Enrile my fellow advocate and tala light worker is the head organizer of this surprise party.

These amazing people gave thier time and energy to make this party posible. They even invited my biological sisters Joan and Emery as a surprise gift to me.

And Ryah or Dayang Uli Gala of Viena, Austria have bought me a Birthday Cake.

Plus a lot of food and drinks we share together on my special day.

And on social media, i also recieved numerous birthday greetings around the world.

I am so thankful for all the love you have given to me specially from Lakay Magbaya, Ernest Nieves, Doc Kit Enrile, Roselyn Luna, Jho Huya, Rustom Licuanan, Angel Ching, Wani Pilar and the rest of Kaduwa Movers.

Maraming Salamat Po!


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