Yesterday a person came in to our office at Kingspoint Subd., Novaliches, Quezon City to inquire about our upcoming trainings at Hilot Academy. As we have share some of our views about Philippine Traditional Medicine, i ask this person his view and knowledge of Pilay.

So what do you understand about pilay? Is there an appropriate word in english to describe this malady?

Most Filipino still think that the word “pilay” means fracture of the bones, clipped nerve (ipit ugat), twisted muscles or sprain, dislocated joints (tipalok) and so on and so forth.

But “pilay” is not like that. Pilay is a word that simply means an illness. It is not a word to describe illness or pain because the word we use to describe the pain and illness is “sakit”.

Pilay literally means a break. A break from the natural order thus some Filipino confusingly termed pilay into fracture.

Like fracture, pilay is a condition of health where the natural flow of wellness has been disturbed thus we get ill. If we get sick, we usually have pilay. And Pilay is the illness of the body that limits our function physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

In order to cure pilay, the manghihilot determine first the cause of illness by performing Tawas Ritual. And through tawas, the hilot can specifically work out in giving cure to pilay.

To avail our Hilot Treatment, please make a schedule of visit by text or call Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040.

See you soon!


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