Hilot vs. Ordinary Spa Massage

Yesterday i started my lesson with a comparative overview between having a Spa Massage vs. taking a Hilot Treatment.

Since Spa Massage is a widely popular relaxation services that can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere in the Philippines; so i started my discussion on showing the stages of accomodation in having a spa massage.

First Stage. Booking

Booking a Spa Massage is either by Appointment or Walk In.

Busy people can make appointment schedule by calling the Spa where they will avail their massage.

The convinience of having massage to a spa is that they could perform the massage session either to their center or to the very comfort of your home.

The 2nd statement is true only when you call and book early for a home service massage. Usually it is advised to make reservation a day a head or 5 hours prior to the expected Massage Session.

Walk In

People who want to have massage can avail it anytime they want if they go directly to the Spa Center. They also have the chance to choose their therapist and other amenities to use.

In this stage either by appointment or walk in, the spa receptionist will just get your basic information such as name and contact number. After that they will ask you to sit down as they will prepare the room where the session will conduct.

Second Stage Massage Session

When you enter the Massage, the therapist will give you instruction to undress and lie facing down. And after you do that in a while the therapist will start massage.

Third stage After Care

After an hour of massage, they will ask you to dress up and offer you tea or drinks. But not all spa do that and mostly they will just ask for the payment and leave you an envelope for the tip.

Fourth stage Send off

Usually this is not really a stage but in every massage there is an ending where you just walk away from the spa and go back again to your regular routinary world.

Now, let us take a look when you take a Hilot Treatment.

First Stage Booking

People who want to have Hilot Treatment is through Appointment only. Here in this stage, the Discipline of Hilot is already applied which is the implementation of the Law of Nature which is the value of Time.

Second Stage Accomodation

As soon as you arrive to the Hilot Center you will greeted by the receptionist with a warm welcome which is a part of Hilot Virtues.

You will be offered with water to give refreshment and cleanse your internal organs as well as a foot soaking to prepare you for a deeper treatment session.

In this stage, two modalities of Hilot are already applied and that is the Hilot Orasion and Hilot sa Tubig.

Third Stage TAWAS or Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System (Hilot Diagnostic or method of scanning Illness)

This stage of Hilot takes time like the time spend during the Hilot treatment. In this stage the provider will determine what kind of treatment to apply depending on the result of the diagnosis.

If in ordinary Spa Massage the client decide what kind of treatment to recieve, in Hilot the Provider or Manghihilot decides what treatment to provide for the Client.

Tawas method starts from oral interview or getting relevant information of the Client.

The Manghihilot will ask for the full name of the client and from there the provider will know the elemental composotion and any imbalances in the clients body.

The manghihilot will also analyze not only the physic body of the client but also the emotional, mental, social and the spiritual body.

Activities of the internal organs are being checked also through Pagpupulso.

Upon analyzing the 5 faculties of man, then Hilot Treatment can be determine.

Fourth Stage The Hilot Treatment

Depending on the result of TAWAS, the manghihilot will implement either one or combination of the Hilot Modalities.

Generally, there are Five Division of Hilot Treatment and these are the following:




Orasyon at


The Hilot Wellness Services can be one or combination of the following:





Bulong Pagpag




Fifth Stage After Care

After treatment session, post interview is conducted for feedback. In feedback, the manghihilot will explain his or her findings as he conduct the treatment to client and will give further recommendation.

The manghihilot will provide post care product and make schedule for the next treatment session.


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