The process of Healing

Today we review the Traditional Pulse Reading and asked our student for a return demonstration. 

Traditional Pulse reading aims to investigate the activities of the internal organs and not only the passage of blood to our heart.

Then after that we discuss and demonstrate Suob, Banyos, Hilod and Paligo. 

These healing modalities are all method of cleansing but also complete modality to affect cure and healing.

In healing, there are process that we need to observe.

In Hilot, water has an important role in cleansing or removing dirt and negative energies to the client. 

Suob is a form of water therapy through wet or dry steam. It also involve heat to induce perapiration that pushes out to the body the stored toxins through sweat.

Then after suob, banyos is done which is application of herbal treated warm water to swipe off the dirt. After wards hilod is performed which use natural herbs to remove the dead skin cells and also give nutrition to the clients body.


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