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Hilot Binabaylan re awakening in Viena, Austria

Last year during the Healing Festival at Siquijor, me and lakay have a met a group of people from Viena, Austria which are Filipino-Austrian having a vacation pilgrimage in the Philippines And this year, we are blessed enough to have one of them to be our student of Binabaylan Hilot and she is Myss Ria. Her training started with a

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Habi Kaduwa Hilot Training 2018

For the whole week ends of February 2018, Hilot Academy have partnered with Kaduwa Movement Equality through Compassion (formerly Marriage Equality Advocates Philippines Inc.) in providing a livelihood training program to its member by sharing the Philippines Indigenous Healing Arts and Science which is Hilot.  Hilot is the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines which most Filipino people are not aware

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Traditional Diagnostics

Effective cure is derived from effective diagnosis and Tawas is the traditional Filipino method of Diagnosing an ailment. Before the arrival of the modern western medicine in our country, the Babaylans were the one who are the medical expert in providing healthcare to our ancestors. Aside from providing cure to any ailments, the Babaylan have our own method in investigating

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