Shake off the dirt

Have you ever felt that you woke up one morning but still you feel lazy to work that is not usual to you? Or you notice that whatever you do you are not obtaining positive result to all your efforts even you know well that you do the right thing?

You know that you are ok but it seems that everything around you doesnt work out as you expect it to be.

Dont worry everything is all right. What you need to do is stop and shake off the negative vibes around you.

This is what Pagpag Exorcism Ritual Does. It is like dusting off the dirt that attached to you by breaking it down then rinsing you by the Divine Light through orasyon. The dirt that attached to you are external factors that makes you slow down your work and progress.

You deserve to live a happy and progressive life, but in our life it is unavoidable to face challenges like people that you meet and try to influence you or to the worst dominate you to do what they want. Pleasing other people by letting them control your life is unhealthy.

You own your own life and you alone are responsible in living it. You may meet other people around you and that is fine. But if the people you meet tries to control your life by letting you do what they want is not ok. What you need is different from what they want. Be sure that you live your life according to what you need and not to what other people tell you what to do.

Shaking them off out of your system will allow you to move freely and independently. Those people who try to control your life are social parasites and psychic vampires that will drain out the lifeforce that is within you. It will change you according to what they want and leaving you without a choice of living your own life. They will dump your own identity by changing you to what they want you to become. So we need to get rid of it into our life and shake them off.


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