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Suob Treatment becomes trending in Cebu City

From the start of this Pandemic of Covid 19, all medical and even the para medical community are working as one in finding cure to stop the spread of covid 19 all over the world. And different countries have their own local version of preventive medicine so that they will not catch the infection of Covid 19. Here in the

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Healing with Plant Medicine: Makabuhay (Tinospora Crispa)

I start to cultivate Makabuhay Vine way back 2013 as i need it to make a charm to improve health and long life. Though this herb was commonly known to have an abortive properties, I still hold on to the meaning of it’s name which is makabuhay or the one that promotes life. As Manghihilot or Traditional Healer, we do

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Why endure when you can enjoy

Before when i administer Herbal Medicine specially the Serpentina they will endure its bitter taste. But now with our new herbal blend of Amulaser herbal tablets, you can enjoy now the better taste without enduring bitterness anymore. Amulaser Herbal Tablet is made from Freshly pounded air dried organic leaves of Avocado, Mulberry, Lagundi and Serpentina that could help you relieve

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Amulaser Herbal Food Supplement

Are you suffering from the following condition?   ASTHMA ARTHRITIS OSTEOARTHRITIS ATHEROSCLEROSIS CANCER CHOLESTEROL PROBLEM DIABETIS DIARHEA AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEM EYE PROBLEM HYPERTENSION INSOMIA/ ANXIETY/ DEPRESSION KIDNEY STONE AND PROBLEM LIVER PROBLEM WEIGHT LOSS   Hilot Academy of Binabaylan have made a Herbal Blend that will help people who are suffering from the above conditions. It is a Natural Food

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