The power behind the oil of manghihilot

IMG20181103104209Throughout the ages, the common Filipino people have a bottle of Healing Oil kept in their home altar. Within these bottle relies the health and life of their Family. Whenever a family member is in pain or have illness, the bottle of oil is used to be applied on the person to invoke healing to come and make the person whole again.  This bottle of oil also becomes a detector if there are some evil forces nearby their home. It is seen that the oil inside the bottle will become bubbly, or the outside surface of the bottle has moist as if the oil spilled out or even the oil inside the bottle is boiling. This is why we often see a bottle of healing oil being sold nearby churches. Because the oil need to be blessed in order for its properties to take effect.

In our Old Tradition, the Powerful healing oil should be made by a Babaylan who is also a Healer. It is done during the Full Moon of Friday during Holy Week. For about a month, the healer gather all the it’s ingredients in the mountain and on the time of the Full Moon he will cook it as he invoke the power of the God to be present as he make the Holy Oil. From the concocted oil, Life and Death will bow down to all who possess this sacred oil.

In this video as you can see, you can dip your hands into a boiling hot healing oil while making it and will not burn you. Since it is made of freshly picked and pounded organic herbs, you will feel its hot but it will not burn you because of the healing and cooling effect of the herbs.





Hilot of Guava Leaves

guava leavesGuava leaves are used by our ancestors to wash our wounds that serve as disinfectant. Washing our wounds with the concoction of guava leaves hasten wound healing. But aside from wound healing, the concoction of guava leaves can also increase the platelets of dengue patient and help them for fast recovery. Guava or Psidium Guava is a small tree in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. It probably came to the Philippine through the barter trade system

But aside from wound healing properties of Guava leaves, its bark and leaves can also be used as natural mouth wash and toothbrush for oral hygiene and it can also relieve toothache. Guava as a tropical and delectable fruit has amazing healing properties. The parts that can be used are the roots, barks, leaves and fruits.

Here in this article we will share to you some amazing health wonders of Guava leaves.

  1. Guava leaves could help diabetic person as the leaves when concocted can also help lower blood sugar level.
  2. Guava leaves has high levels of antioxidants and vitamins that may help your heart from the damage by free radicals.
  3. Guava leaf extract may reduce the pain intensity of menstrual cramps.
  4. Guava leaf tea may aid healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation.
  5. It can also help in maintaining our shape by aiding weight loss.
  6. It has anti cancer effect.
  7. It can boost Immunity
  8. And can help keep our skin nutrition.

Read more about the benefits of Guava Leaves by visiting Health Line.


One Herb with many cure

FB_IMG_1562853588606As we grow old we experience a lot of discomfort in our Body and due to this discomfort we often see our Doctor to be prescribed with different medicine for our condition. I remember my Nanay when she was still alive that she endures to take 12 or more medicine every day for her condition 3 times a day.  During that time she takes medicine for her brain, for her blood, for her heart, liver, kidney, bones, and probably towards her all entire body organ system. And every time she takes that medicine, she looks like she is suffering specially that for almost a week already that she does not poo while every day she takes in food and medicine. So what i did is that i Go to Mother Nature for an Alternative Cure that help her. And at that time i learned how to make herbal tablet from our Plant Medicine.

img201903032018061571567571.jpgAt first my mother joke me that it looks like a Goat’s poo and indeed it looked like one but it’s content is so much powerful because i blend it with not only one herbs but with all other herbs that is necessary towards Nanay’s condition. In her case i use Mulberry leaves, Malunggay, Serpentina, Ginger and Avocado. It help her up to her last day. She does not suffer in pain like before. She eats and poo regularly. She sleeps well and her blood pressure is down from 210/140 to 140/90 mmHg. Though her Doctor want her blood to still go down from 140/90 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg but when she takes blood pressure lowering drug, i was alarmed because she slept for about 24 hours. And from that time i use my medicine and lower the dosage of the Drug that the doctor prescribed for my mother.

Well in this article what i am going to share to you the Benefit of Herbs such as the Avocado leaves. In our Hilot Herbal Healing Class we have taught that using single herbs can cure many illness compared to synthetic drug that only cure one condition. That is the reason why medical doctors prescribed a lot of drugs to deal on different condition.

Here let us see how a Single herb such as the Avocado can help an individual in maintaining our health.


avocado-leaves-originalAvocado is a Fruit Tree that originates in South-Central Mexico between 7,000 to 5,000 BC.  It bears the scientific name Persea Americana and it look like a pear that has green to purple red color instead of yellow-white fruit. Avocado was introduced to the Philippines on 1890 by our Spanish Colonizer when they bring seeds of Avocado in our country from Mexico. Here in the Philippine we consider Avocado as a Fruit, but in US it is a vegetable.

So now, What can Avocado leaves do to our Health?

  1. Avocado leaves can protect the body from degenerative disease- it has Flavanol that protects the body from degenerative disease such as Osteoarthritis and prevent early aging.
  2. Act as Diuretic because of quercetin content that helps you to urinate well to remove out your waste product of metabolism.
  3. Avocado leaves contain polyphenol and pinene, substances that can inhibit the growth of bacteria. You can get its benefits to prevent the infection through their mechanism of action.
  4. The Alkaloidm Flavonoids and saponin content in dried avocado leaves are substances that can break down the kidney stone and improve the kidney function.
  5. The limonene contained in avocado leaves can act as the natural remedy to stabilize the blood pressure and prevent from hypertension condition.
  6. Avocado leaves contain pinene which acts to reduce asthma attack through its several mechanism. This substance has a bronchodilator effect, reduce the inflammation, and increase the airflow to the lung. These mechanisms bring this leaves to treat asthma attack well.
  7. The quercetin and pinene compound of avocado leaves can help to cure a headache. They inhibit the pain transmitter into the brain so a headache or any other pain symptoms can be reduced.
  8. Avocado leaves to prevent cancer come from the pinene and limonene content. These substances can inhibit the cancer cell growth and act as chemo protective agents.
  9. Avocado leaves contain the antioxidant which can help to clean the skin and pore. This is one the great health benefits for your healthy skin.
  10. The pinene content in avocado leaves can reduce the pain in all part of the body, especially for the back pain.
  11. Quercetin effect in avocado leaves can reduce the swelling of the body through its mechanism in minimizing the inflammatory substance.
  12. Thrush can come from the bacteria or damage in oral cavity area. It can be eliminated by polyphenol content in avocado leaves.
  13. The avocado leaves for treating diabetes come from its glycoside content. Glycoside can replace the sugar that the body needs and give the full feeling so it will stop you from consuming the excessive calories of your ordinary sugar. It’s very useful to treat diabetes.
  14. This holy leaves for reducing the cholesterol level have been proven through its limonene compound. Limonene can reduce the triglyceride and total cholesterol effectively.
  15. Quercetin compound in avocado leaves can act as the anti-inflammatory agent so it can help to treat arthritis disease.
  16. The flavonol compound in avocado leaves can purify the blood from any toxic substances and remove them via urine. This is one of the amazing health benefits of avocado leaves as the detoxifying agent.
  17. The limonene contained in avocado leaves has also the mechanism to keep the digestive balance and improve the intestinal function. It will help to treat diarrhea and any other digestive problem.
  18. Avocado leaves can be useful for women during lactation. The estragole substance in avocado leaves can increase the breast milk production in women.
  19. It also can decrease the anxiety and prevent insomnia through its serotonin content. Serotonin plays the important role in regulating the mood, control the appetite, and sleep. In addition, the limonene content brings also the health benefits to reduce anxiety well.
  20. One of the wonderful benefits is helping in weight loss. Avocado leaves contain limonene which acts as the appetite suppressant so you can control your intake and prevent weight gain.

In Summary, Avocado leaves can help us prevent Early Aging; It can act as Diuretic that make us urinate to remove out the waste product of metabolism;  It has Anti Bacterial properties and prevent infection; can break down kidney stone and improve kidney function; can stabilize blood pressure and prevent hypertension; has bronchodilator effect to reduce asthma attack; help cure headache; prevents Cancer; help to clean the skin and pores; can reduce pain; can reduce swelling of the body; can be used as Mouth care; treat Diabetes; reduce Cholesterol; treat Arthritis; Blood Purifier; keep digestive balance and intestinal function; increase breast milk for mom; decrease anxiety and prevent insomnia; and most of all PREVENT WEIGHT GAIN.

So what are you waiting for? One Herb that can cure all is the best medicine you could have. If you are in a condition that been mentioned above see us for Free Consultation so that we could properly guide you in taking this herb.

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