Hangin Lamig now has commercial remedy

One of the Maladies that Hilot can cure is what we call Pilay Hangin or Pilay Lamig. Many FIlipino would tell when they are sick that they are “Nahanhinan” or “Nalamigan”.

“Pilay” is the accurate term for being sick rather than “Sakit” because the later word describe the severity of pain when the person is sick. Most People confuse “Pilay” to fracture but if we dig in Philosophically indeed “Pilay” is a result of breaking from the natural law thus we get sick.

Pilay Hangin is an illness caused by Wind. Such as Colic Pain, Chest Pain and even heartburn pain. It is a condition where air is trapped within the hollow vessels within our body such as the stomach, lungs, heart, bladder, etc.

Whereas Pilay Lamig or cold syndrome is an illness that affects the flow of natural fluid within our body that blocks its natural flow. Usually we feel lumps has been developed in our shoulder, neck, armpit and legs.

Natural Environmental condition can also contribute for having these illnesses to man. Thus our ancestors got a cure for these illnesses and now we can find them at Commercial Drug Store.


I first encounter Lola Remedios Sachet Syrup when i was working in a BPO Company in Quezon City. I didn’t feel well as my work that time requires me to serve on a night shift. I got cough, flu and almost feverish but i can not leave my post. So i take a break and went to a nearby convenience store and saw Lola Remedios.  At first i am sceptic about the product. But as i look at what it is made of i bought it and tried it to my self and it works well with me. The Convenience of buying Lola Remedios is that it is quick and ready made. You will just tear off the sachet and put it in your mouth to drink the syrup. After 15 minutes i am relieved. It was indeed an instant remedy that is within reach.

Though this product is important from Indonesia by Kino Consumer Philippines Inc. and packed according to the taste of the Filipino.


This is another brand of Herbal Supplements that is introduced to the Philippines from Indonesia which is called Tulak Angin. “Tulak” means Push and “Angin” means Air. The video above can be a source of inspiration to all of our Manghihilot to believe on the power of their medicine which your grow by your self. Like in the video, Sidumuncul spend time on their studies perfecting the medicine they provide for the people.

Though again, this herbal supplement product is imported from Indonesia.

Filipino Salabat

With the importation of these Herbal Supplements, Filipino’s are relying on to the imported brand rather patronising our local products and services. The role of Manghihilot is diminishing due to the giving of High Priority of the Philippine Government to these imported Products.

But for a long time, Filipino used Salabat or Ginger Brew to cure these maladies.

Let us watch Doctor Liza Ramoso Ong on how to make Salabat.

Hilot in The Generic Pharmacy

Hilot is now being advertised by The Generic Pharmacy.

Indeed Hilot can provide cure to other people, but in contrast to this video produced by The Generic Pharmacy we also can give cure to our selves through natural medicine that Nature Provides. This video has a shed of truth to some practitioners, but devoted Hilot will trust the power of Nature to heal.

I am not endorsing The Generic Pharmacy but it is good enough that they provide cheap and quality medicine to the Public. But i hope that People will also patronize Hilot as a form of Traditional and Natural Medicine that is available in every Barangay.

Hilot Pahid (Philippine Wellness Massage)

Hilot Pahid

Hilot Pahid is the Massage Technique of the Philippines. It is one of the Healing Modality of Hilot as TESDA have adopted and known as Hilot Wellness (Massage). It is categorized under the Element of Fire in bringing warmth to the body in stimulating nerve endings as well as the muscles groups and in aligning bones.

Hilot Pahid aside from the application of Medicinal Oil and Herbs uses 5 manipulative touch strokes in order to balance the harmony of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.


  • Principles and Philosophy of Hilot Wellness Massage
  • Concept of Health, Illness and Wellness
  • Indication and Contraindication
  • Finding comfort
  • The 5 Manipulative Strokes
  • The Wellness Massage procedures


16 HOURS ( 2 DAYS)

FEE: PHP 6000.00

For more information, inquiries, schedules and appointment please contact Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com

Pre Natal Hilot

Before Massage Therapy adopts the sequence of Pre Natal pregnancy massage, our Manghihilot does it already.

Long time ago in the absence of Medical Professional, our Manghihilot takes the role of HeathCare experts.

People come to Hilot for all kinds of ailments. New couples that could not have baby will ask hilot to fix the conception problem of the couples not only to the woman but also to man.

During pregnancy after the first trimester, the expectant mother will come to hilot to relieve the pregnancy pain and also prevent the “pagka suhi” in delivery.

During the delivery, the Manghihilot is also there to attend on the birthing of the child.

Indeed, the role of the manhihilot in Family life is always visible because the manghihilot is always present from the conception, delivery, growing up, maturity, and even upto death.

If you want to learn Pre Natal Care employed by Hilot, kindly send us an email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or call and text us at +639952467040 for training schedules and appointment.

Dagdagay Kulis

This is the Filipino Traditional Foot Massage as practiced by young people in the Cordillera Region Province in Northern Luzon. As i remember when i present this techniques to the local students in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur they are not familiar.with the word dagdagay but as they see the techniques they become aware that they already know it. They call it as Kulis in their local Ilocano Language.

Dagdagay Kulis as we present it now, is one of the many modalities used by Hilot in providing cure.

To know more about this technique, call us at +639952467040

Hilot Abdominal Sequence

Our Abdominal Area is the very center of our being dividing the upper to lower extremities thus it becomes the processor of energy. It houses our digestive system that also help us to process the things that are happening around us and give us idea how to deal with difficult situation.

Doing Hilot Hagod on this area will help us perform well in our life eliminating pain and suffering from illness and even in difficulties of life.

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Mental Disorder and Hilot

I have watched K Brosas which is a Filipina Comedian/Singer/Actress talk about depression on Facebook. I thought i am going to laugh so hard becuase she was a known singer/comedian but instead the laughter that im about to give was replaced by Wow!

I share it here the youtube link that K Brosas Talks about depression. And i agree with her that depressionand anxiety is a mental disorder. She talks about the unreleased childhood anger and fear that she kept inside her for a long time. When she goes to the Hospital all the best doctor can not see any problem when everytime she experience palpitation, tremoring of nerves and emotional down break until she was refered to a Psychiatrist.

There the doctor prescribed her drug to pacify her condition. But what the doctor is treating is just the symptom of the problem and not the main problem it self. As a Traditional Medicine Practitioner, i see that there is no synthetic drug that could bend and heal the mental disorder of a person. The healing must come from the person him/her self and not on drugs. What is in our head is just a physical organ, but our mind comes from outside our physical body.

In Hilot we give importance to the role of Tawas or Spiritual Diagnosis because through this procedure we are touching the persons emotion, mind and spirit that makes the physical body move.

As an individual we react to outside stimulus. And from stimulating our senses i creates bio chemical reaction that affects our being.

In Tawas, we are arranging the persons perception and helping them to have relief and suddenly cure from the situation they have.