Hangin Lamig now has commercial remedy

One of the Maladies that Hilot can cure is what we call Pilay Hangin or Pilay Lamig. Many FIlipino would tell when they are sick that they are “Nahanhinan” or “Nalamigan”.

“Pilay” is the accurate term for being sick rather than “Sakit” because the later word describe the severity of pain when the person is sick. Most People confuse “Pilay” to fracture but if we dig in Philosophically indeed “Pilay” is a result of breaking from the natural law thus we get sick.

Pilay Hangin is an illness caused by Wind. Such as Colic Pain, Chest Pain and even heartburn pain. It is a condition where air is trapped within the hollow vessels within our body such as the stomach, lungs, heart, bladder, etc.

Whereas Pilay Lamig or cold syndrome is an illness that affects the flow of natural fluid within our body that blocks its natural flow. Usually we feel lumps has been developed in our shoulder, neck, armpit and legs.

Natural Environmental condition can also contribute for having these illnesses to man. Thus our ancestors got a cure for these illnesses and now we can find them at Commercial Drug Store.


I first encounter Lola Remedios Sachet Syrup when i was working in a BPO Company in Quezon City. I didn’t feel well as my work that time requires me to serve on a night shift. I got cough, flu and almost feverish but i can not leave my post. So i take a break and went to a nearby convenience store and saw Lola Remedios.  At first i am sceptic about the product. But as i look at what it is made of i bought it and tried it to my self and it works well with me. The Convenience of buying Lola Remedios is that it is quick and ready made. You will just tear off the sachet and put it in your mouth to drink the syrup. After 15 minutes i am relieved. It was indeed an instant remedy that is within reach.

Though this product is important from Indonesia by Kino Consumer Philippines Inc. and packed according to the taste of the Filipino.


This is another brand of Herbal Supplements that is introduced to the Philippines from Indonesia which is called Tulak Angin. “Tulak” means Push and “Angin” means Air. The video above can be a source of inspiration to all of our Manghihilot to believe on the power of their medicine which your grow by your self. Like in the video, Sidumuncul spend time on their studies perfecting the medicine they provide for the people.

Though again, this herbal supplement product is imported from Indonesia.

Filipino Salabat

With the importation of these Herbal Supplements, Filipino’s are relying on to the imported brand rather patronising our local products and services. The role of Manghihilot is diminishing due to the giving of High Priority of the Philippine Government to these imported Products.

But for a long time, Filipino used Salabat or Ginger Brew to cure these maladies.

Let us watch Doctor Liza Ramoso Ong on how to make Salabat.


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